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The lazy girls guide to getting fit?

I love my food too, Any ideas?

I’m 5’7″ and weigh 9 1/2 stone so i’m not over weight but i just need to tone up a little

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10 Responses to “The lazy girls guide to getting fit?”

  1. bh80cz01 said :

    Substitute sugar for dust.

  2. lisa said :

    find a sport/exercise you enjoy.
    could be dancing, kick boxing, swimming…
    once you find something you enjoy, its not a chore

  3. Greg S said :

    Go for walks in the morning, keep making your walks longer and longer.

  4. NutstersChick said :

    cut out all white bread, biscuits & cake from your diet.
    increase your water intake & ban all junk/fried food.
    fill up on fresh fruit & veg, as much as you like.
    you don’t need to go to a gym to get fit,
    try walking, the fresh air’s good for you
    & walking’s a good start to getting fitter.

  5. M S said :

    The easier simple improvement is FIBER. Buy a fiber supplement (IE Benefiber is one that is about 99% flavorless that you can drop in foods and drinks without even noticing it is there) at start putting a lot of it in your foods (esp. in white breads and starchy foods that raise blood sugar levels)…you’ll instantly feel much more full and less hungry.

    Also, cut sugar almost all together, but stay away from diet drinks which are un-natural and even worse. Instead of soft-drinks try a drink that’s about 75% water 25% lemonade or 75% unsweetened tea 25% lemonade…even Gatorade (which isn’t fantastic) is a huge step better than coke/pepsi/sprite…

    Also non-speed walking is virtually useless in burning calories…it’s much more effective to do slow elliptical machine workouts: it burns at least twice as many calories as casual walking.

  6. ♥fergy♥ said :

    not sure if there is a lazy way, but some ways are definately more enjoyable than others. E.g. bedtime aerobics 😉 wandering around the shops can burn calories too. Dancing around the house while doing your housework etc.

    If you’re open to the idea of joining a gym, I recommend Curves. 3 half hour workouts per week – they fly in, and you don’t get bored as the exercises are constantly changing every 30 seconds.

  7. SK said :

    Eat healthily first and then get into any sport you can do. I came across some inspiration on working out from home in the article below..

  8. Country bumpkin said :

    I’ve heardthat drinking 6 glasses of water a day can automatically make you consume 200 less colories than you normally would! It’s also great for your skin and gives you lots of energy, making you less lazy.

  9. kimona said :

    well you can do little things without changing your life – like walking instead of getting the bus or taking the stairs instead of the lift, things like that.. Also walk faster than usual, keep striding – it will burn off more calories than just shuffling around

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