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How can a lazy, 15 year old QUICKLY lose weight?

I’m a 15 year old girl that weighs 138. I’m 5’6″. I know this weight is not bad but im quite pudgy. i would love to drop as much weight as possible and still be healthy. I need to lose it QUICK as possible! here is the thing though. I am super lazy. The only type of exercise i would ever attempt is to run. Any suggestions?

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8 Responses to “How can a lazy, 15 year old QUICKLY lose weight?”

  1. Bunny Balls said:


  2. TvIsGooderThanBooks(; said:

    Go on a meal plan(:
    Eat a big healthy breakfast, good lunch, and protein for dinner.
    have nuts, rye bread, bri cheese, fruits and veggies for snacks(: (u can choose which ones u want)
    and for the workouts swimming is the best excersice(:

  3. ★Nicolette★ said:

    you should eat at least 3-4 healthy meals a day.

    drink a lot of water, it flushes you out. also, if you think you’re hungry even right after you’ve just eaten, it is because you’re thirsty.

    eat regularly. don’t starve yourself, because once you start eating again, you’ll gain everything back, trust me.

    eat lots of fruits and veggies.if you want to eat bread, make sure it’s whole grain. white bread is pretty fattening.

    if you’re not a vegetarian, you can also eat lean meats, like fish, turkey and chicken breast. to know how much meat you should eat in a day, make your hand into a fist. the size of the back of your hand is how much meat you should eat in a day. eggs are also a good food when trying to lose weight.

    skip out on sweets, candy, sugary foods, chips, fried foods, ice cream, cake, and cookies. if you want something sweet, like for dessert, try berries, raisins or another type of dried fruit. if that doesn’t quench your sweet tooth, try Weight Watchers or Smart Ones desserts.

    if you feel hungry, but don’t want to over eat, chew gum. it’ll keep your mouth busy until it’s time to eat again.

    cut out ALL soda! if you stop drinking soda, it helps you out A LOT!

    also, it’s very important to keep a food journal. you write down what you eat that day, and see how much you’re REALLY eating. and if you go out of line, you can catch it before you make the same mistake the next day.

    and don’t forget to exercise! try walking, jogging, jump rope, dancing, hula hooping, crunches and/or sit-ups, bike riding and swimming. try exercising for 30 minutes a day, and as the weeks go by, build up your time by about 10 minutes each week.
    good luck!

  4. hollywoodluv said:

    Well my friend lost a tremendous amount doing the Hollywood juice diet. She went from a size 9 to a size 2 not that size 9 is big at all that is quite quite norm. I dunno to me you don’t seem overweight.

  5. Arlene said:

    Stop all soda and junk food and I can promise you will lose at least ten pounds in six weeks. Substitute more water and vegetables in your diet cut out all processed foods. Without a proper exercise plan you may lose weight but turn a little bit flabby which you don’t want especially at your age so get to running just pace yourself and make sure you wear the proper shoes. Good Luck

  6. ny said:

    When you are losing weight, you should exercise and diet together.
    If you exercise without dieting, you will get bigger appetite, which
    will lead to increase of weight, or muscle grow
    underneath the fat layer, and make you bulkier. If you diet without
    exercising, you will become flabby and will have excess skin. For
    diet, go wheat free. No pasta, pizza, bread and so on. And no food
    after 7 p.m. People achieve marvellous results with it. Depending on
    your initial weight, you can drop upwards from 20 pounds a month. If
    you don’t eat wheat then you don’t eat all those sticky, fatty goey
    cakes, you don’t eat junk food, and you don’t eat biscuits. But your
    diet is still balanced. It costs nothing, and you do not have to
    calculate points or to buy special meals or plans. For exercising,
    start with walking, and then switch to running/jogging. Running is the
    most efficient and calorie-burn exercise ever. If you are overweight a
    lot, walk first or you may have health complications (heart attack,
    disjointed bones and so on). Weight lifting is a good means to target
    your problem areas for men and women. It’s not necessarily to become a
    bodybuilder or even join a gym – a couple of dumbbells will help you
    to target your problem areas (stomach, butt, legs, arms, chest).

  7. Usa Sumer said:

    Don’t overdo it. If you change something in your lifestyle, you’re probably going to see results – but there’s a law of diminishing returns at play. You can exercise for an extra hour a day for a week and still lose the same amount as you had when you were only exercising half as much. Give your body time to adjust – don’t push yourself too hard or you’re just going to spend your energy on something that’s not necessarily going to give you immediate and direct benefit. This, of course, only applies to those of you wanting to lose fat – not for those who are training for a triathlon.

  8. lena said:

    am 15 year old girl and weighing 130 lbs…how can i lose weight in just 2 months i want to be thin and healthy as soon as possible the prom is fast approaching you me


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