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Is this enough activity to lose some weight and burn some fat?

My workout plan to lose between 15 – 25 lbs by October, or maybe a little later is this:

After school/before dinner I have two options that I do:

1. This may sound silly, but my sibling and I like to pretend we’re performing on stage like a band or something, and we just sing along to songs, but I do alot of running, jumping and dancing. It;s usually about an hour to an hour and 20 mins we do that, and I don’t jump and stuff the whole time, I gotta catch my breath a little and all…….so it’s probably around 30 – 45 minutes of that…..(it’s fun so I’m more likely to do it and not get booored!!)

2. 45 minutes of cardio……….i usually do some on my bike and treadmill, mixing it up daily…….i may also start doing intense DDR on some days too

And then after dinner I do 20 minutes of strength training, and either 20 minutes of more cardio exercises or 20 minutes of dancing.

I already have a good diet plan worked out. So, is this enough exercise/cardio to lose some weight? And in the very long run, burn all my fat and tone my body?

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One Response to “Is this enough activity to lose some weight and burn some fat?”

  1. aj j said :

    everything you do all day will help just make sure you don’t over do it and take rest days. the most important part is your diet and water.


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