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Is this a good way to lose some weight?

Hey guys,

I don’t need to lose weight, as I am in pretty good shape, but want to shed a couple of pounds just for the hell of it and to get in better shape. For the past week or so, here is my eating habit(s):
Breakfast: Either a cup of coffee or a whole wheat bagel with some cream cheese.
Lunch: 6” Subway Tuna Fish Sub on Wheat with Pickles and Lettuce. No cheese, no mayo (besides the low-fat mayo already in it). No chips.
Dinner: 6” Subway Turkey Sub on Wheat with Mustard, two cheese triangles, lettuce, and pickles. No chips.

Been drinking a ton of water and walking around a lot (probably 3-4 miles per day in the sun).

Also been lifting about 2-3 times a week.

You think by the end of two or three weeks I will look and feel better? Any tips?

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8 Responses to “Is this a good way to lose some weight?”

  1. aais said :

    everything looks goo except for the breakfast…you should have protein for breakfast like eggs, turkey, milk, etc and a lighter dinner if you want to lose those couple of pounds….other than that ur doing good

  2. i_am_the_wise_one said :

    It doesn’t seem to bad but you neeeeed to be eating more fruits and veggies! Besides taht, it seems great!

  3. Kemps K said :

    dont skip breakfast. Your also missing some important parts in your diet. Where is your fish, your fruit? If your not going to eat some food groups, atleast make sure your taking vitamins that can help fill in those deficiencies. Actually, while some people dont think so, the food triangle is very accurate to living a healthy lifestyle. Its not about being pretty and thin, its about being healthy.

  4. Tats said :

    You can change your lifting routine to focus on toning up instead of building muscles. Use lighter weights with more reps. That should help speed up your metabolism and also help you look slimmer, rather than bulkier.

  5. R E I G N said :

    umm I’m not really a fan of the subway diet its not bad but ..the pickles gotta go for sure though they are loaded with sodium and pointless to eat “eat a pickle gain a pound” need more protein and a different source of fiber than that crappy wheat least its wheat though ! you dont want to eat bread all day everyday its not good for your digestive system..try more veggies later on in the evening with rice or potatoes..switch it up alittle

  6. Naloa said :

    This diet is actually pretty good, but add some fruit and change the meals a little. When I say this I mean make a variety of meals.

  7. Southernbelle82 said :

    Good start. I am currently trying to get healthy myself. I am going to be in a wedding in Sept. & would like to drop about 10-15 Lbs. (also getting healthy for life!)

    So far, so good…I have lost 2 Lbs in one week! Yeah! But anyways…This is what I do; maybe it will help you out!

    9am breakfast: 2 egg whites poached in microwave & turkey sausage, or bacon. & 1/2 a banana. One 6oz cup of coffee w/ Splenda & fat-free liquid hazelnut creamer (about 1 tbsp)

    11:30 lunch: Usually a salad with some protein-grilled chicken or shrimp. & a piece of fruit

    2:30 snack: plain almonds, string cheese, yogurt, or a piece of fruit

    6-7pm dinner: a lean meat-with lots of veggies.

    Dessert: anything sugar free…sugar free ice cream, pudding, or Popsicle…makes me feel like I have my sugar fix.

    & I drink about 2 liters of water a day & occasionally have a diet soda, or diamond ice tea sweetened with Splenda.

    I do try to include whole grains also in my diet. If I do subway, I get the grilled chicken breast, with tons of veggies, on wheat, w/o no chips. They now have the apple slices, so that would be a good substitute. I don’t think eating the tuna is a really healthy choice though; look up the nutrition facts on it…

    Try to limit yourself to two slices of bread a day…not two subs.
    Maybe substitute a salad instead. The bread is going to just make you hungrier in the long run…acts kind-of like a temporary filler.

    I would just recommend lots of veggies, fruits, & lots of protein. This is a healthy way to lose weight & making a lifetime change!

    You are doing awesome as far as the exercising! I’ve been doing 30 min. cardio sessions on Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., & 1 hour on Wend. & it seems to be working!! I’m just going to do cardio for the first month then weight training…

    Good Luck~ Hope this helps you a little ;-]

  8. web s said :

    That is a pretty good diet. You need some fresh fruit and maybe a vitamin supplement.


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