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Is this a fast, effective way to lose weight?

I am worried about my weight just recently. I am 16, 5ft7 and weigh about 145 lbs! I am thinking i will start eating a lot less of only healthy foods and no junk at all. Each day i will do 30 minutes of vigorous aerobics and 15 minutes of jumping rope. Will i lose weight? How much weight will i lose over what period of time? Which parts of my body will become toned etc? Any tips or suggestions to lose weight faster? Thanks heaps 🙂

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6 Responses to “Is this a fast, effective way to lose weight?”

  1. CandieKane said :

    yeah but you need to have more variety in your workout because your body can get used to doing the same workout day after day.

  2. Bobby said :

    16, 5ft7 and 145 pounds? Sounds like the right – if not underweight – weight for you. im 14, 5ft9 and like 180. Don’t worry your not getting this from a fat guy either. I’m regualr, just a bit muscly 🙂

  3. Jason said :

    Go to the site below for great advice on losing weight the healthy way:

  4. Serene E said :

    Well, i would start with smaller portions. Use a small dinner plate instead of a big one, put cookies or chips in a small bowl and only eat that, plus exercise every day.
    Then slowly, you can replace junk food with fruits and veggies, etc.

  5. Asqw S said :

    Drink plenty of water. Adequate water is essential for health, and a great many people simply don’t get enough. What’s more, if you’re chronically dehydrated, your body will retain water in unflattering places, so if you make sure to get plenty of fluids you can start visibly trimming down in as little as a day. Remember, the more you exercise, the more water you’ll need. See the related wikiHow for more details on how much water you should be getting.

  6. Mckenzie said :

    Anyone trying to lost weight fast should look into the Acai Berry. It is one of the most nutritional foods on earth. The high vitamins and anti-oxidents in Acai contributes to rapid weight loss.


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