How can I lose weight fast and safe before my wedding in december?

I’m 22 and I have cut soda and stoped eating junk. I’m a lot more active now that the weather is good. I haven’t lost a pound. I’m getting marriedn in december and I have a strapless gown and I don’t want to look like a cow. How can I lose weight fast but thats still safe for me?

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  1. lemonloveless said:

    exercise and diet …

  2. icanthinkofascreename said:

    Try going to the gym and doing some running/jogging as much as you can. If you don’t belong to a gym, join one. Don’t starve yourself. Eat a balanced diet of food, and exercise.

  3. Alex said:

    i guess exercise. i did the same, stopped drinking pop…. only water by the way… and minimized junk food and i lost about 30 lbs from only that however it took me like 6 months to really see the difference. i’m not sure that will help you lose weight fast enough.

  4. The Jericho said:

    Eat about 5 small meals a day (not three large meals!). Your body can only digest so much at once. Therefore, if you eat too much at one sitting (i.e. if you feel very full after eating) your body will only digest as much as it can, then store the rest as fat! That’s awesome that you cut out soda and junk food! Eat small portions throughout the day (about 5). No sugary drinks, no junk food, and no carbs after 4pm! Also, do pushups and pull ups everyday (or every other day), and cardio (and stick to your weight training if you are currently in a routine). BUT YOU HAVE TO DO IT! Either do or do not, there is no try.

  5. squishy7 said:

    You need to watch how much you eat in one sitting. Eat more little meals throughout the day. Like for breakfast try some fruit, then for a midmorning snack have a granola bar (a healthy one you have to watch the calories on those sometimes) or a fruit cup, then for lunch try a salad with low or no fat dressing with some chicken and veggies in it, then for a mid afternoon snack some veggies or fruit, then for dinner have a nice piece of skinless chicken plain, some veggies and a salad…see where this is leading. More small meals during the day are good for speeding up your metabolism and making sure that you don’t overeat at meals. If you watch what you eat but still eat say 2 pieces of chicken and 2 helpings of potatoes well even though that’s healthy-ish you’re still packing on too many calories in one sitting rather than spreading it out througout the day. Also you need to exercise…run, take speed walks, invest in some at home work out DVDs for kick boxing or dance aerobics or something fun that you look forward to doing. Then on the days you don’t to cardio to strength and toning training like lifing a small amount of weights and doing crunches, pushups, squats, lunges, again with those at home DVDs it’s really helps. Also drink water water water. Even if you drink iced tea or diet soda or juice or anything other than water there is unnecessary sugars in them. So if you don’t like water then learn to like it (and you will if you force yourself to drink it a lot). If you do all that you shouldn’t need any diet pills or to starve yourself (which does nothing but make you unhealthy). You won’t be supermodel size by December but you can garuntee yourself to loose a few pounds (though I don’t know how big you are now). So just discipline yourself and you can do it. And remember your fiance fell in love with y ou and asked you to marry him as you are so don’t try to be too drastic about loosing weight because I’m sure your fiance loves you no matter what you look like =) congrats and good luck!

  6. Newlywed! said:

    Try eating 5 small meals in a day instead of 3 big ones. Never skip breakfast because that is how your metabolism gets started.

    Exercise at least 30 mins a day 5-6 days a week. Try to do more if you can. Do you have Comcast or ON Demand? They have an whole exercise section with workout videos for everyone. I would do a high cardio one day and then palates the other. If I was sore, palates would stretch out my muscles and make me feel so much better!

    If you have an office job where you sit all day, then try going to a walk on your lunch break to get your blood circulating.

    Losing wait is hard but you are doing the right thing by cutting soda and not eating junk food!

    Good Luck!

  7. kimberly said:

    Ok, there is a DVD that I bought that works great but you have to be motivated to do it. It’s called slim in 6! I hated going to gyms as I felt like everyone was looking at me so I can do it at home and believe me it WORKS! I look like I did in high school and before I had our baby girl.

  8. Barbara B said:

    You can lose weight fast or you can lose weight safely – but you cannot lose weight fast AND safely.

    Assuming you have about 4-6 weeks prior to your ceremony, you can expect to lose 10 pounds (maybe – if you work hard) for the wedding.

    Look into Weight Watchers and join a gym.

  9. Tabitha B said:

    In 4 months I lost almost 50lbs just by simply WALKING!! Can you beleive that? I thought I wouldn’t loose anything, but I did. I wore jeans and a long sleeve shirt, granted it was hot outside. But I walked fast and nonstop. I only walked maybe a mile in the day, (I walked my children to and from school) Beleive it or not walking is an exilent way of loosing weight and toning up too. So far I’ve lost 100 lbs. I went from 250 lbs to 145. AND I have kept it off for almost 3 years now. And I LOOOOOVE to eat junk food. I hope I have helped you. Good luck and congratulations!!!!!

  10. Jennifer said:

    drink lots and lots of water and try and eat at the same time every day to get your metabolism going because when you eat at all different times every day your metabolism isn’t working at its best. Start going for walks and then work up to runs. Cut out all sugar other than fruits and such try and stay away from fatty meats like beef.

  11. Mister Terrific said:

    Do not worry about the SCALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Worry about INCHES!!!!!!!!

    Get to the gym, get yourself a trainer, and start working out.

    You can lose a ton of INCHES in the next month or two without losing a pound (really).

    You will have to up your protein intake, reduce your carbs, and exercise to the point of pain–but you will develop muscles, and they take up MUCH LESS SPACE than fat does.

    As a general rule, a pound of fat takes up six times more space than a pound of muscle. You figure it out–convert your fat to muscle, and you don’t need to lose weight….you need to gain a little muscle.

    Don’t be stupid. You have to eat. Starvation and celery and water and two peas for dinner doesn’t work. You want good protein, a low fat diet, and lots of exercise and water. A trainer can help you. You, however, must be motivated to work and sweat. You’ll hate it, but you will like the results. Oh–a week before the wedding, if you do go for this, you’d better make sure you go for a final fitting, because you’ll be shocked–you WILL be thinner, even if the scale says otherwise.

  12. SophiesMom said:

    Portion control and cardio cardio cardio are the best. You can go to Denise Austin’s website and get a 4 week plan with workout equipment for just $20. She gives you a fitness plan for the entire week as well as meal plans and lots of tips. I love her fitness planner (never tried the meals) and it definitely works. You can cancel after the 4 week period and before you do you can go and print all sorts of workouts and meals and articles and such. There are also many free sites such as that are great resources for meals and tips and such, but I love Denise’s plan.
    Definitely step up the cardio. That will burn burn burn those calories off!

  13. Libby said:

    Sign up for a “bridal boot camp” or hire a personal trainer. Chances are you’re doing something wrong, and aren’t aware of it.

  14. prplfae said:

    Eat healthy and exorcize. focus on toning your arm and shoulder muscles since your gown is strapless. push ups, and weight and resistance training.
    Don’t worry about your stomach, its too hard a spot to tone, so it won’t happen in just a few months, I suggest wearing a corset or something of the like under your dress if your tummy is a problem area.
    I had three months of physical therapy for my shoulders, and with weight and resistance training, my arms and shoulders looked so much toner in no time, and I was just trying to rehabilitate!

  15. Naomi:) said:

    i have a friend using the p90x program and she has lost 4 pants sizes in 60 days! she looks GREAT after having 2 kids!!

    good luck!

  16. elma said:


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