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Is it harder to lose weight after having the second child?

I am finding it pretty hard to lose weight after having my first child, so I’m frightened to think of how a second pregnancy would impact my body. Some women say that the second doesn’t make much difference because your body is already stretched out from the first one anyway.

Are there any moms out there that can share their weight gain/loss experience with the second child?

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5 Responses to “Is it harder to lose weight after having the second child?”

  1. Bush Tucker said :

    Two (2).Things
    You need Willpower & Wont power
    Wont eat Junk food
    Wont drink soda’s
    and Wont eat Ice Cream
    Will Exercise everyday
    Cycling, Swimming and Brisk Walking
    Sound like hard work?
    2 coin a phrase ‘just do it!’

  2. Steven said :

    Having a baby is an exciting experience, especially the first time around. When you are having two, there is even more to consider. A new mom’s responsibilities are many, especially when multiple babies are involved. That can also mean pregnancy plays double havoc on your body. Weight loss after pregnancy can be a challenge.

    Even months may not be long enough. In time though, weight loss after pregnancy will happen and you will be just as thin and trim as you were before the babies!

    It is not uncommon for a new mom to go through periods of depression or suffer from lowered self esteem. You may worry about weight loss after pregnancy as well as a thousand other baby related concerns. The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to maintain a positive state of mind. This will not only keep you happy, but help maintain your health, which will, in turn, affect weight.

    Stick with foods that are better for your body. A weight loss after pregnancy plan should include a nutritious menu. This will help you maintain better health and encourage a fast recovery from the birthing process.

    Be very patient as you begin weight loss after pregnancy. Certain exercises should be avoided for at least the first couple of months. If you are wondering how long it will take to get your former figure back, seven months is a good rule of thumb. Allow at least this long for your body to recuperate and complete the weight loss after pregnancy process. It sounds like a long time, but keep in mind how preoccupied you will be with your new little ones. The time will fly by, and all that activity will help you shed pounds faster!

    I got an amazing resource that can help you understand what i am talking about in a lot more precise detail. I leave the link to this resource below if you are interested.

    Congratulation to you Saphire and i wish you enjoy having a kids

  3. Lizzy Mcguire said :

    Having 2 beautiful children myself, I know how you are feeling. It is a little depressing at first thinking of all the weight you will gain. How long in between will ur kids be? You lose the weight only to gain it back again and maybe more … but don’t worry. Have confidence in yourself and know that you will have an immediate up 3KG fast weight loss once your precious baby is born.

    Then after your pregnancy just keep eating healthily and doing some light exercises and the excess weight will just drop off. Looking after 2 active kids is both a pleasurable and life learning experience. You can get some ideas of the right fat burning and nutricious foods to eat to lose those excess lbs at

    Stay strong and best of luck.


  4. Monique said :

    Hey there,

    As a mum to a two year old and a 4 month old, I have found my weight gain and lose experiences completely different with my two children.

    With my first I gained more, but lost it all after about 6 months (it took a further 6 months to re-tone everything, but I had been able to fit into my old clothes at least)

    With my second I gained less during pregnancy, but have not been able to shift the weight at all! I am putting it down to the fact that looking after two instead of one has messed with my schedule a bit as I haven’t been able to get out exercising everyday and tend to eat on the run more. Need to get into a better routine definately, but at the moment whilst I hate the excess weight, I am still just trying to get used to the demands of being a mum to a new baby again 🙂

  5. Haydee Dose said :

    Just to let you know, this content appears a little bit weird from my smart phone. Who knows maybe it is just my mobile phone. Great article by the way.


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