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How do people lose weight after pregnancy?

I see how some people are very skinny after giving birth & how others gain a lot more weight. There are women that I see who are skinny before pregnancy & gain weight & can’t keep it off, & there are other women who are obese before pregnancy & lose a whole bunch of weight after having a baby, but they don’t even eat right or exercise. It just comes off naturally. Also, what is Lamaze? Is it yoga for pregnancy to teach people how to breathe correctly before having a baby for when they do have a baby?

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10 Responses to “How do people lose weight after pregnancy?”

  1. nacho b said :

    Lamaze is a breathing technique to help you relax and be more effective during labor and right at the time of birth. Breastfeeding and working out and a sensible diet help you lose weight the best. Sometimes its genetics too….

  2. Tracey S said :

    I’m breastfeeding and eating normally, and the weight is coming off me very rapidly. I gave birth 11 weeks ago. I gained 45 pounds during my pregnancy and I now weigh less than I did before I got pregnant. Breastfeed!

  3. mommyof3 said :

    i can say breastfeeding HELPS A LOT in losing those pounds we gain during pregnancy…

  4. Colette B said :

    You have to exercise to get all of the baby weight off unless you are blessed with a high metabloism. (Which I was not!!)

    Lamaze does teach you how to breathe during delivery. I took the class and used it until I could not take it anymore and had to have the epidural. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for getting the epidural!!

  5. ♥mamamia♥ said :

    any body can loose weight by eating right and exercise.
    no~ i’ve never heard of anyone loosing more weight after baby then b4 the baby.
    ur right about lamaze, its a breathing class for during pregnancy.

  6. momoftwo said :

    Breastfeeding works wonders with the weight. And if you are breastfeeding, you shouldn’t worry about the weight at all and certainly not trying to lose it. Eat a well balanced diet, but remember your baby needs the calories.

    Good luck and enjoy…and remember you aren’t fat…you’re pregnant! It’s wonderful!

  7. jamie_lynnsuperstar said :

    you answered your own lamaze question. the classes prepare you for labor, you can ask questions and are in there with others who may have the same questions on childbirth. its a great class to take! on the weight issue, metabolism plays a role in weight loss. exercising and eating right is very important after childbirth. some ppl have a higher metabolism and are able to knock the weight off quicker. i was one who got way to skinny because i didnt take the time to care for myself….i was too busy with a colic baby. overweight people just need to talk their bodies into getting healthy again…the same goes for underweight ppl. burning calories and calorie intake is also very important!

  8. robbodabbo2004 said :

    As long as your active and don’t completely use being prego as an excuse to pig out …you should only gain baby weight and that drops off the minute you have the child given a week or so because of the trama your body has gone threw. You really have to be actibve and if you breastfeet I was told that it burns major calories so try it.

  9. GayLF said :

    I dont know how other people did it…but I was walking about 5 days after my c section…which helped get a lot of fluid off of my body. I think I lost about 18lbs in the first 10 days after delivery. the rest came off with walking and eating correctly and some exercise.

    My “in shape” shape never really came back before I got pregnant again…bummer.

    Lamaze is a way of teaching you how to deal with childbirth pain and the changes your body goes through. Yoga can teach you how to breathe when you are pregnant…and teach you good posture for your pregnant frame. Lamaze isnt an exercise class.

  10. Starsfan14 said :

    For me it was breastfeeding and just all the energy it takes to take care of a high need baby. My weight just melted away. I am sure exercise helps too.


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