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Is it better to try to LOSE WEIGHT FIRST then start TONING UP?

I want to lose weight really bad, but I also want to tone it up and get muscle. Should I concentrate on losing weight be running & dieting first? I don’t want all my fat to turn into muscle. I’d like to lose a lot of my fat, then tone it up. Does anyone understand what I mean? I don’t want to end up having a lumpy muscly body.

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5 Responses to “Is it better to try to LOSE WEIGHT FIRST then start TONING UP?”

  1. keerthi said :

    mix 1 lemon juic in 1 glas watr and mix 1 spoon of honey in it .
    drink it at mornings within 6.30.
    u can loss ur fat.
    aftr ur supper at nit tims eat half spoon of honey.

  2. ono said :

    Fat cannot turn into muscle. They are completely different tissues.

    My advice would be to focus on weight loss first. Dieting is the fastest way to go. But if you’re itching to do some weight training, go for it! Do the things that excite you most. When you see results, it will keep you going.

  3. Nerru Pal said :

    Healthy pounds loss could be achieved fairly Be realistic. Do not anticipate a miracle. Healthy weight loss may be achieved fairly quickly, but you will have to be patient. Additionally, be positive to set realistic objectives. Ensure that the weight you’re trying to reach can be a healthy pounds for you, and keeping in mind that gaining pounds of muscle will help you shed fat, be trimmer, and appear much better even though you don’t actually shed any weight. Your goal must be a healthy body, not a amount of pounds! Every person looks great at a diverse pounds. A short person may possibly appear actually great at about 112 pounds, but a person of a taller height would just appear unhealthy. Maintain your self at a fat that makes you look good, not at a quantity that sounds excellent.

  4. Bob Joy said :

    You’re not going to suddenly have bulging muscles – you can start weight training but slowly does it of course. But…

    The biggest issue you’re likely to have is sticking to your new life (presumably you want to stay slim) – introducing weights and diet and running is quite likely going to result in “Fork this” syndrome where you are whip-lashed back to your old habits.

    You may like to try this:

    1) Measure your key body parts with a tape – around the chest, stomach, upper arms, thighs, neck for example.

    2) Weight yourself. Measurements are a better indicator of your body though.

    3) Make ONE change with your diet, for example cut out one of the worst crap things you eat, like replace Coke with your own lemon water (you’ll get to prefer it with a bit of luck), and stick to that for a week. Make ONE small change with exercise – maybe walking to the local shops instead of driving or whatever like that is possible for you.

    4) Take your measurements again (weekly). Don’t expect an improvement in a week but KNOW that you’re making progress. The results will show as long as your diet is improving and the amount of exercise you do is increasing.

    Remember that the mind will resist large amounts of change. Take it a step at a time and enjoy the process!

    Good luck!

  5. Dodger Fan 32 said :

    Concentrate on losing/burning fat. When you lose fat you will achieve the toned look, look slimmer, leaner and overall better. You can try P90X , but P90X costs $125 and it takes 90 days for results. A better choice and even a faster and free program is the specialized fat burning program called the Fat X 12 fat burning workout and diet program. It’s a 12 day workout and diet plan you can cycle as many times a you want. The workout videos and diet are free on the Fat X 101 blog. It’s an awesome program to burn fat and tone up! Good luck!


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