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How can I lose body fat and bring out more muscle?

I am 5’7” and 163 lbs. I am active but I want to focus more on the weight room and dieting so I can lose some fat and eventually gain muscle. What kind of diet should I follow, What should I do in the wieght room as far as lifting and running and how often should I do everything.

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4 Responses to “How can I lose body fat and bring out more muscle?”

  1. luisa g said :

    I would do a protein diet. If you can, eat around every 2-3 hours and small meals with extra protein (fish and meats) and fruits and vegetables. Hit the gym for 2 -3 hours 5 times a week. Do cardio for 30-45 min, then do weights. Focus on different parts of the body on different days. If you can’t eat every 2-3 hours then have a meal 3-4 times a day instead of 6. I would also suggest to not eat after 7 at night. Also have protein drinks around an hour after you exercised.
    If you want to know more let me know

  2. Red said :

    Maintain a good exercise program mixed with cardio and weight training. Most importantly, cut out all unnecessary fat from your diet. If you want to lose body fat your diet is going to be your biggest concern.

  3. Rusty said :

    I help guys get the lean “Cam Gigandet – Taylor Lautner” look.

    What I have them do is a thing called intermittent fasting. It is a strategic way of fasting until dinner just two times per week to increase natural HGH levels.

    HGH…is your body’s natural fat burning hormone and it increases with both fasting and intense exercise.

    A synergistic way to increase both is to workout in a fasted state.

    Head on over to this page and see two guys I coached to get ripped. Don’t worry all the info is free:

    This report should make all the difference for you!


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