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When you lose weight and tone up do your stretch marks look better?

Im have about 40 lbs to lose and currently have stretch marks on my stomach, and hips the worst.
After losing weight and toning up will my stretch marks look better?
I have already tried all the creams and stuff and kno that nothing will get rid of them so im hoping toning up will help their appearence???

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3 Responses to “When you lose weight and tone up do your stretch marks look better?”

  1. Dana said :

    Hate to break it to you… but they won’t go away.

    I grew 7 inches in 3 months…and got terrible stretch marks. I tried strivectin, drug store creams, those butters, but nothing worked. I went to see my dermatologist, and she had this cool lazer thing that got rid of the color in the stretch marks.

    It hurt a little bit, like a rubber band snap, but it really worked. I have to go back and get another procedure done to get rid of the texture, but that’s down the road.

    Good luck!

  2. Andrew said :

    I’m going to tell you some effective measures you can take to prevent stretch marks, obviously sometimes no matter what you do your stretch marks won’t disappear, so then you must look further into preventing / removing them.

    Drink plenty of water; this makes sure that your skin is hydrated at all times. This is very important as dehydrated skin basically gives the stretch marks a personal invite!

    Making sure you keep on up on your vitamins, especially E, as this helps to maintain a healthy skin balance.

    Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis, make sure you use a gentle clothe and lukewarm water, you must do this softly as not to remove your natural body oils.

    Eating a balanced diet is important. Avoiding fatty or greasy foods, as they cause weight gain, which in turn causes stretch marks.

    If you are following these tips then, a great product to work with a long side them is: “Revitol stretch mark prevention cream”, it works great as a preventive measure, however if you are reading this and you already have stretch marks it is also a great removal treatment.

    It carries all of the natural ingredients you need to keep your skin in a decent enough condition, allowing preventive measures to be taken. When you’re using such treatments as Revitol stretch mark prevention cream, you must make sure you stick to a strict regime. It would be pointless to take it one day and then not the next.

    If this has managed to keep your attention all the way here, then good! If you follow these tips and work at I think you will see a great reduction in your stretch marks.
    Can stretch marks go away? absolutely. If your sick of your stretch marks then take action before they get worse.

    Check the url in the source box below to get a free trial and also more info about this product

  3. Kellie said :

    I need some help! I’m tryin to get rid of stretch marks or atleast tone them up? i was wondering if that is possible. Im not that big, I’m athletic and play basketball and softabll and wondering if there was any way to help me lose weight and my stretch marks or toning them up. Cause I hate being big and going to a school full of girls wit nice bodies even tho there bigger than me they still have nice bodies. Having these stretch marks come up on me in places i dont like(arms, hips,thighs, but, etc.) i mostly have them everywhere. I dont see how cuz i stay active most of the time, but my eating habbits is what getting me bigger. I dont like nothing but carb’s I mean i do like vegatables, and fruits, and meats. But i try not to eat alot now since im getting them and doing crunches, riding on a bike, and pushs ups. But i dont think its help much. And i’m still getting them. PLease help me out if you can. Thanks you very much.


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