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lose weight fast you get stretch marks?

i have lost few inches on my waist in one month. today i was looking in the mirror with both of my arms raised up and when i looked at my sides from below my armpits to where the rib bones end there was stretch marks. it is not that visible unless you look really into it. if you lose weight to fast can you get stretch marks?

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10 Responses to “lose weight fast you get stretch marks?”

  1. tiger the elastic piston said :

    no. you just never noticed them before…stretch marks are from gaining muscle or fat quickly

  2. sunkissed said :

    Look up the word STRETCH, Then re think your question.

  3. chickenfat93 said :

    You can get stretch marks from growing too quickly or notice them more when you lose weight quickly. The skin being stretched out for a long period of time and then quickly gaining that extra room could be causing the marks. Use a lot of moisturizer to keep your skin nice and healthy and try not to lose too much weight too fast.
    I’m not sure what else you can do, unless you’re really concerned with the scarring.

  4. Sonia said :

    you cannot get ‘stretch’ marks when losing weight fast you get them from putting on weight rapidly.

    stretch marks are mostly found on hips, thighs,butt and upper arms to.

    thankfully there not that much noticeable 🙂

  5. Raven said :

    Stretch marks are from gaining FAT too fast, not the other way around. It’s also good to put lotion on them.

  6. Rochell said :

    You should use acomplia, it is the best about it you can get information from here

  7. Aleksey said :

    no not at al its just that stretch marks aren’t very visible when you are fat so when you lost the weight they became more noticeable so let the skin adapt to the new body so the stretch marks will be less distinct

  8. Maria said :

    STRETCH Marks from LOSING Weight hmmmmmm….. is that Possible??
    It just means you gained weight too fast

  9. Kaitlin said :

    Targetted weight reduction is quite tough, some peeple would declare impossible, nevertheless I shed 3 inches from my waistline by following the tips and tricks on the web resource in the box below. Give it a try, their information is very down to earth!

  10. Stephanie said :

    There are creams out there that can help get rid of your stretch marks, but you need to find the right one.

    I found this on the site I put in the source box below:

    Things to look for in a stretch mark cream

    There are a lot of creams and ointments out there that claim to remove stretch marks. The best way to fight stretch marks is to increase your skins flexibility before your stretch marks start appearing by using a topical cream on the area before the skin starts to show stretch marks. If you already have stretch marks, hope is not lost. There are creams out there that contain ingredients that help heal the skin while minimizing scar tissue.

    Some of the key ingredients that you will want to make sure your cream contains are:

    Vitamin A Palmitate

    Vitamin A is an essential vitamin and is best known for having positive effects on vision. However Vitamin A is just as important to the largest organ; the skin.

    Clinical studies have shown vitamin A to have properties that block the absorption of harmful UVA and UVB rays, as well as a stimulating effect on cell regeneration. It has been clinically shown to improve the appearance of striae (stretch marks) and regulate epidermal (skin) cell growth.

    Aloe Vera Extract

    Aloe vera has been shown in clinical studies to have a positive effect on wound healing and holds anti-inflammatory properties.

    As stretch marks start out as microscopic tears in skin layers due to overstretching of the dermis, aloe vera helps heal these small wounds without causing scar tissue to form, effectively preventing the appearance of stretch marks. Aloe vera has been used for thousands of years by the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Indians and Chinese to decrease the appearance of scars and to moisturize and heal skin.

    This extract from the aloe leaf protects skin from environmental factors and promotes skin regeneration.

    Grapefruit Seed Extract

    Grapefruit seed extract is a natural antibiotic used for many different types of skin ailments. It is a powerful ingredient to aid in the healing of skin damage. Grapefruit seed extract helps to restore damaged collagen and elastin, which strengthens and retextures the skin.

    As collagen and elastin are responsible for the skins elasticity, improving and stimulating production of the connective tissue cells will prevent skin from tearing and thus prevent the formation of stretch marks. The condition of the skins connective tissue also dictates how well the skin contracts after pregnancy. So not only does this compound improve the condition of your stretching skin, after the delivery it will also aid in the contraction of your skin to its previous appearance.


    DL-Penthenol is the scientific name for pro-vitamin B5. It has healing properties on damaged skin as it works to improve the structure of both the lower and upper skin layers. DL-Panthenol soothes skin while stimulating cell growth and differentiation.

    This ingredient aids in the regeneration of the skin, therefore aiding in reducing the appearance of existing stretch marks by replacing the scar tissue with new skin cells. It also acts to prevent stretch marks by promoting collagen and elastin production, which allows your skin to stretch without rupturing and causing stretch marks.

    A cream that has shown to be highly effective at preventing stretch marks as well as healing stretch marks that you already have is Stretch Mark Prevention by Revitol.

    Whether you are afraid that stretch marks may be in your future of if they are already a part of your life, the Stretch Mark Prevention cream is the product you will want on your side!


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