If I work out but don’t change my diet, will I still lose weight?

I’ve been trying to lose weight so I have started eating healthy foods and have a balanced diet but I’ve hit a brick wall. So I’ve joined the gym and was wondering if I maintain the same diet as now and work out 3-4 times a week, will I actually lose weight? Or will I have to eat even less?! I’m hungry all the time and don’t think i can give anything else up!

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14 Responses to “If I work out but don’t change my diet, will I still lose weight?”

  1. Jack K said:

    If you work out and do cardio like everyday then you definitely should. Running for an hour everyday, or using the elliptical machine will pretty much let you eat whatever you want, as long as you don’t overdo it.

  2. kelci said:

    You’ll lose weight, just not as much and as fast as you would with the combination of exercise aaand diet.

    If you’re not willing to give up food, then just working out would work for you I’m sure.


  3. jenkins said:

    depends on what you eat.

    Just make sure you eat plenty of fruit and veg, fish, eggs, chicken, turkey etc.

    just remember it’s ok to have a fat day, once a week i have a major pig out. I feel completely awful afterwards, but then i just go to gym the day after and feel brilliant.

  4. John Elias said:

    Yes you will. You may even be able to eat a little more and still lose weight, because your metabolism will increase.

  5. Train Hard Live Well said:

    NO but YES. You’ll go up and down, first of all lose and then slowly gain.
    You only have to change little things. If you snack make it fruit. If you have a bacon butty make it grilled, No butter on wholemeal. only drink one night a week. Have a treat meal of whatever you want once a week. No fizzy drinks just water.

  6. unofficialyruth said:

    i would say you would be able to eat the same or even a bit more, as you are going to burn calories at the gym, everyone hits a plateau in thier weight loss as well but you have the done the right thing about it by changing your exercise routine you will do ok, be careful not to do too much at once though

  7. Han said:

    Yes you will! Combining a healthy balanced diet with exercise 3-4 times per week is by far the best and most effective way to lose weight.

    You may hit a point where you seem to be losing inches but not weight – this is ok as it’s fat you’re losing and muscle you’re gaining, so even though the scales might not move much, your body shape and overall fitness will be greatly improved. Ideally 25% of your body weight should be fat – see if they can measure this for you at the gym.

    Good luck!

  8. Sai2301 said:

    eat 5 small healthy meals a day…your body will automatically get trained NOT to store fat…drink anywhere from 8-12 glasses of water too…herbal teas and lowfat milk are good too

  9. Pho said:

    if you’re hungry all the time then no wonder why you’ve hit a brick wall! you need a good balanced diet that keeps you full and going all the time, and doing exercise will help this balance by getting rid of any excess energy that the body would just store as fat. so stack up on carbs if you’re going to work out. giving up foods won’t make you lose weight, it’s just that eating rubbish makes you put on weight.

  10. Bertsta said:

    Yes and no.

    Muscle weighs more than fat so you will actually gain weight if you bulk up. You really need to cut back on calorie intake too.

  11. candycane said:

    You will lose weight just not that much. You really do need to keep a balance of eating right and working out NOW heres the thing tho..yes u should eat healthy and my opinion of healthy is organic fruits and veggies..any kind of carb just get it in whole wheat like whole wheat bread, pasta, etc. Everything come sin whole grains n wheats these days..WHICH is healthy! so u dont have to eliminate any foods! thats the thing people dont get u can virtually eat whatever you want BUT REMEMBER eat everything in moderation! like for example if i go out to eat ill order a hamburger n fries! ill just eat only half the hamburger..or if i eat that for lunch..i know for dinner to have something smalL! like a salad..just portion size is ALL it is!..I mean just eat 5 meals a day..break, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks in btwn n ur snacks can be things like fruit and veggies or crackers with cheese or peanutbutter! try and eat a lot of fruit and veggies and drink lots of water! TRUST ME WATER IS KEY!..i lost a lot of weight and then started drinking 2 liters of water a day and lost even more but i hadnt changed any of my eating habits or exercise habits it was PURELY the water!..

    KEEP with the gym,.do at LEAST 30 min of cardio 3-4 times a week and do weights..if u just joined they usually have free things with trainers for like a day n they can show u how to use machines..do like 10 min hard on tredmill 10 on elipitcal n 10 on bike..but keep it intense..dont let it be easy..if its easy u wont see results. But u dont have to give up foods..thats what ppl dont understand..its portion control. If u eat like 5 pieces of pizza only eat 3 or 2!

    Good luck!

  12. Hey Ho said:

    You will lose weight by extra activity. 2-3 cardio activities a week will be beneficial.

  13. Angel G said:

    Eat your fruits and vegetables until you are full. Fruits and vegetable nvere add to your weight cause they dont have any fat.Substitute beans for meat somethimes. Bean deliver protein without the fat.and Yes if you’ve joined a gym you will definitely see results. 3 times a week at the gym should do it.

  14. Trean said:

    It also happen to me last year i wanted to get slim so that may wedding Gown should fit me, I started eating less but hoooooooooooooooo i failed cause i get hungry too soon, the i went for GYm they told me not to stop eating but to have more excsice it works try it but dont stop eating


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