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How to lose weight QUICKLY and without the offers on the internet crap?

I want to lose weight really quickly and effectively please i want like a plan to follow and not the links that actually ask you to pay money for offers that dont work i only want to lose 15 pounds

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11 Responses to “How to lose weight QUICKLY and without the offers on the internet crap?”

  1. mr hat said :

    eat healthy foods and exercise, its the only way

  2. energeticthinker said :

    Exercise, exercise, exercise. Oh, did I mention, Exercise?

    15 pound is approximately equal to 53000 calories.

    So, you need to burn about 53000 calories, while not eating more calories than your basal metabolic rate requires (roughly 1400 calories per day) to lose 15 pounds.

    See exercise list and BMR calculator links below…then get to exercising.

  3. Gina J said :

    Acai berries helped me lose 100 STONE! WOW!
    You should totally buy some at

  4. Vladimir said :

    have you ever heard of running

  5. Chris said :

    Substitute fattening foods for non-fattening foods. For example, you can eat as many, and as much vegetables as you want without having to worry about fats. Add to that a moderate amount, and don’t overdue it, of skinless chicken breast, egg whites, or fish and you have your proteins for building muscle, which means higher metabolism. And of course getting allot of exercise. Treadmill, running, elliptical machines are good for cardiovascular building, which is your endurance (heart etc…). And resistance training for building muscle strength, i.e. weightlifting with gradually increasing weight.

    Simply put, diet and exercise. You have to discipline yourself and stick to it, and don’t injure yourself. It’s hard work, but you have to reprogram your mind to stay with it, since you don’t want to yo yo up and down.

  6. MEHH said :

    Eating healthy and exercising.

  7. L a L a L a . said :

    well i don’t know how to do it quickly.
    but a balanced diet is the only way.
    if you go on a diet that cuts out certain foods, as soon as you’ve lost the weight and start eating these foods again you’ll put the weight back on in days.
    the way to do it is plan your meals
    make sure you’re getting the right amount of fats, protein + carbohydrates as these are key to a balanced diet.
    this will keep you healthy, even give you a greater chance of living longer, but it won’t get rid of the 15pounds.
    to get rid of them unfortunately the only way is exercise.
    which if you have a balanced diet doesn’t take too much energy out of you.
    go for a walk every morning before work or if you can’t wake up early like me do it after dinner.. it can be quite pleasant.
    or if you’re too busy for something like that buy a running machine and do a few minutes on it everyday. they don’t cost that much + many can be folded away after use.
    the key thing is to STICK to it.
    everyday doing the same thing and you’ll lose the weight and most importantly keep the weight off.
    hope you find the way that suits you [:

  8. Tia B said :

    Okay, this answer is COMPLETELY NOT… i repeat NOT the way you should do it.

    Although… It did work well for me (But I didn’t do it intentially)

    Get drunk to the point where you throw up and feel sick for a day! I lost 6kgs! from 56kgs to 50kg!

    I was amazed myself

    *would not recommend* BUT hey you wanted a way to lose weight quickly not appropriatly 🙂

  9. Luka said :

    Do not rush, weight cannot be lost in a second, it takes hard work .
    First of all, do not eat chocolate, and other foods that contain lots of calories. Instead of taking a chocolate or cookie, why not take an apple or a banana? It’s tasty fruit and healthy. Stay away from junk. Drink water instead of juice or junk drinks. Run daily… running is the best, and you can cycle on your bike as well, which both are really good. Skip-rope at least 30 minutes a day, eat good healthy food. For breakfast eat maybe 1 egg, but the best that I would recommend you is cornflakes, it tastes good , low carbs, and it’s healthy and natural. And as I said, instead of taking a chocolate through out the day, take fruits… then for lunch try to eat something healthy, chicken, but then 2 hours after you eat, go out and jog. And for dinner, you can take a corn flakes, or fruit…. but remember to eat at least 2-3hours before sleeping…
    Do not spend your time always sitting, sometimes you have to run instead of spending your time on your laptop/computer.

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