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I wanna lose weight fast?!?

Hey i am 5 foot 3 inches and i weigh 101 pounds ( like 46 kg) and i wanna lose weight! Really fast….I really do need to lose weight…Please…and if i eat like 800 calories a day and no exercise will i lose weight? If that’s bad tell me how to lose weight?!

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8 Responses to “I wanna lose weight fast?!?”

  1. Alicia said :

    Only drink water, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and don’t eat anything past 7:00 pm

  2. KendraMirrop said :

    Why would you want to lose weight? Your skinny! My cousin is 4’11 and she used to weight 150 pounds and she didnt look that chubbie so I can only imagine how you look. But I guess if you really dont like your image something that worked for me was eating healthy, cutting all fatty foods like sodas and white rice and sugars out, also walk atleast an hour a day (:

    Takecare xx
    Message for anymore help
    Byebye Lovie <3

  3. Martin Heller said :

    decrease food portions and exercise more i guess but i don’t think you should loose weight

    answer this question;_ylt=ArLccpRoTEEg6O.PuYyAZqkgBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20100826163231AArI68n&show=7#profile-info-VcfWgxe2aa

  4. workingwriter31 said :

    Hi! I’m a Personal Fitness Trainer. Aside from doing cardio exercises, there is another way you can focus on burning that stubborn fat. I usually refer my clients to my friend Angela. She is also a Personal Trainer and works for AdvoCare. It’s a nutrition & wellness/ sports performance company. AdvoCare is different because it has no band substances in it. Really good quality. I wouldn’t put my reputation as a trainer on the line by recommending something that isn’t legitimate. She has helped many of my clients.

    I can give you her website. You can read up on all the products. (I really like that because there are a lot of companies that don’t list the ingredients in their products as if they have something to hide, but AdvoCare tells you everything.)

    I would say to take a look at the 24-Day Challenge. It’s a group of products that work incredibly for losing weight. It starts with a cleanse that gets rid of the gunk in your body and allows it absorb the nutrition products you take in the 2nd phase.

    One of my clients who I’d been working with for 6 months and for some reason didn’t lose more than 5 lbs did the 24-Day Challenge and lost 12 lbs in 1 month! and dropped 2 dress sizes! I couldn’t believe it! So I always refer my clients to Angela and I even take some of the products now too.

    I’ll give you a link to the 24-Day Challenge info and then Angela’s site so you know what to get. I’ll also add a link to a video on the science behind the product.

    Here is Angela’s site –>
    Look at the downloads here –>

    Stay healthy my friend 🙂

  5. MICHELLE said :

    hi.. you will lose weight quick if you eat 800 calories a day but if you was to exercise to it would help you to burn more calories, 800 calories is a bit low, after a couple of days you would feel very lethargic and have no energy and probably not stick to your diet for long.. ive just joined slimming world and i have lost 16 pounds in 5 weeks which im really pleased about, why dont you think about joining something to it gives you great motivation to keep on your diet and they tell you what kind of foods to eat its really really good..
    also you could try them slimming pills called alli that they sell in most chemists they are meant to boost your weight loss by 1-2 pounds a week if you stick to a very low fat diet, good luck : ))

  6. etravels said :

    800 cals,jee that is way too little, stick to at least 1200 per day! Do not take alli or slimming pills especially Alli as if you do the research they have alot of bad affects plus once you come off them the weight will pile on again.
    Secondly, its simple, Exercise, Exercise, drinks 8 glasses (1.5lts ) per day, small portions and cut out alchol, sweets/junk etc..stick to whole foods and always steam your veg.
    Mix up exercise, like Jog, Swimming, Walking, cycling and if possible the gym to work with weights.
    I’ve worked really hard from 10 1/2 stone to 9 1/2 stone by doing the above. Try not to eat after 7pm and try to be in bed by 10.30 to get your beauty sleep. (depending on your work schedule) but getting up early is the best thing, ie 6.30 and your body will be ready for a good healthy breakfast. If you can exercise in the morning even better…

    Good luck…

  7. Leados Jackson said :

    1. First start by getting up earlier than usual. Around 5:30 AM to do some of you workouts. Getting up early shocks your metabolism because the body needs more energy to get going. Right? This will start your system on the road to weight loss. That early start with about 10 minutes of stretching. Have a cup of coffee to get the blood going also.

    2. Do all the sit-ups you can. Just do them. 15 or 20 whatever, we don’t have a lot of time to work with. Rest 1 minute repeat, do this for 6 sets. Already you are breathing hard and feel worn, because the body is working extra hard at being up earlier and then going right into exercise. If the early morning hour lets you get your cardio in, go ahead and do it. 30 minutes.

    3. Diet. Cut all current meal portions in half, just cut them in half, nothing fancy or complicated, CUT IN HALF! Cut out all bread products, all gravies, candies, chips, night snacks, etc. If you crave at night eat a banana, other fruit or best a non-fat yogurt. There are some tasty ones out there.

    4. In the evening do another 6 sets of sit-ups maxing out each set. Cardio again. The trick is to stay with getting up earlier. Yes it’s hard, that’s why it is so effective. Why do you think the Army gets up so early, it is intense training to the max.

  8. Hannah W said :

    Get serious. You have a bmi of less than 18 which means you are already underweight. Losing further weight will just put your health at risk

    “If your BMI is 19 or lower, you have a higher risk of developing anemia, bone loss, nutrient deficiency, heart irregularities, amenorrhoea (loss of periods in women) and osteoporosis. Your risk of depression and anxiety may also increase.”


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