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If i eat one meal a day will i lose weight fast?

I know that it’s bad for your body, blah blah blah i’ve been told. That’s not what i’m asking so don’t tell me the bad things about eating once a day.
What i WANNA know is will i lose weight fast? how much a week?
And will it be hard to gain my regularier weight after loosing alot of weight?

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18 Responses to “If i eat one meal a day will i lose weight fast?”

  1. Robert D said:

    Nope. You will just eat more at other times and your body will go into starvation mode. You will end up even more fat than you are now!

  2. junior_minty2 said:

    Yep you’ll lose weight and be very sick. And what you lose will be water weight so when you start eating normal again, you’ll gain most, if not all of it back.

  3. Amy.b said:

    it depends on your body how fast you lose weight but eating once a day can also make you gain weight fast later. so yeah you lose some then gains some

  4. Lovey said:

    You actually won’t lose weight fast. I really hate to say this since you told me not to tell you, but eating under a regular amount of calories can and will slow your metabolism. So soon your body will get used to only having a few calories and will store that one meal as fat to “stock up” for the future. And after you stop this crazy diet, your metabolism will be out of whack and you will gain a lot (if not all or more) of the weight you lost.

  5. [email protected] said:

    Maybe, but you’ll probably get sick before it…

    The best thing is not removing meals from your day but controlling it with a diet routine combined with exercises…

    Well, I have read this book:
    They have very good routines for weight loss in a very short period of time..

    The book is totally worthy it’s price!

  6. Caroline said:

    Yes you will for a week. How much per week depends on how much you eat now, how active you are, what your body currently looks like, etc. Then your metabolism will slow down for a permanent period of time. When you gain the weight back it will probably be 1.5x what you lost. It’s easy to gain it back.

    You can go on the Warrior diet. It’s one meal a day, it slims you down, and it’s theoretically healthy.

  7. f☮ck the pres michael is da best said:

    i think i did this years ago
    and i lost about 15 kilos in 3-4 months

  8. BabeHart said:

    What will the meal consist of? Keep in mind, you can easily consume enough calories in one meal, to cause weight GAIN…skipping meals causes your metabolism to slow down so your body burns fewer calories…if you want to lose weight, take your calories and spread them out throughout the day for best results…your metabolism runs higher for longer than if you eat all your calories at one time (your metabolism spikes, then drops and stays low until you eat again…thus, burning fewer calories)…

    If you ate one meal of low calories, yes you would probably lose weight…but the faster way to do it is to spread your (at least 1200, preferably more) calories across 4 – 6 meals, and to exercise regularly…then you’d even have a good chance of keeping the weight off long term (which you don’t, if you lose weight by starving yourself)…

  9. Dave H said:

    you will definitely lose weight most of which will be water and muscle. if your body doesn’t get the nutrition it needs it starts to breakdown your muscle to search for nutrients.

    you will gain the weight back but most of it will be in the form of fat and the water you lost.

    people sure are dumb.

  10. Kelly said:

    To answer your question. yes you will lose weight quickly.

    However, when you go back to the regular 3 meals a day, you’ll gain it all back, and then some – quickly.
    You will also slow down your metabolism which is never good.

    The key to losing weight is to eat 5 SMALL meals a day. Keep them healthy too.

    Eating less will only hurt you in the end. I hope you are aware of that.

    Good luck!

  11. Theresa said:

    No you won’t. your body will go into starvation mode so it will hold onto the your present body weight and the meals you eat it will store the fat from it rather then letting it pass through. At first you will just lose the water retention in your body so your weight will stay the same but you see maybe a inch at most going of your waist over a month. If your wanting to lose weight fast your best drinking lots of water eating smaller portions but getting your 3 meals a day and plenty of excercise, you can expect 3lbs to 5lbs weight loss in your first week

  12. Stephanie said:

    Okay. People are wrong. Yes, it CAN be bad for us to eat once a day, but scientists say, that its actually HEALTHY for our bodies to fast (meaning, not eating anything for a day) once a week. That way it can help get the bad stuff out. Now, I have heard that eating 6 lil meals a day will speed up your metabolism and naturally, you will burn more calories. And it will also help if you exercise at least an hour everyday.
    BUT! My mom is taking these dietary pills called Acai Berry. I dont know if you have heard of them or not. But, you can get them at like CVS, Walgreens, and I think you can also get them at Wal-Mart. I am not for sure on that one. But it says you can lose like 20 pounds in 10 weeks, or something like that.
    Hope I helped!!!

  13. wondering mind said:

    You will lose weight at first, but then your body will store everything you eat as fat because it isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. It will burn muscle as energy instead of the calories you eat. So you will begin to store fat, and burn muscle, which NO ONE wants. But if you really want to do that to yourself, go right ahead, you won’t get the results that you think you will. Oh yeah, if you decide to do this, in a few months when you start eating more and regular foods again, you will gain all that weight back and maybe more because not eating a lot slows down your metabolism, and when you eat food while it is slow, it takes a long time to burn the calories so it just gets stored as fat because it can’t burn all the calories. Having a speedy metabolism is key to losing weight.

  14. The Legendary Masked Akitist said:

    Yes, you will lose weight fast. However you will not lose much fat. The body converts muscle mass to energy faster than fat, so you will be weak and flabby. Is that what you want?

    Second part of the question, will you gain the weight back? You’ll gain more fat, not muscle, which takes longer to build up.

  15. dancing.angel said:

    When people say it’s bad for you, there is more to it:
    Eating too little will cause you to go into starvation mode.
    In starvation mode, your body will stop burning as many calories.
    You will lose some weight (almost all water weight which is not real weight loss)
    Then, you will get really hungry and binge, at least some.
    Then, most of the binge food will be stored and not burned.
    Hence, you will get sick and gain weight.
    Not a good idea. I’ve tried it before and ended up heavier than before. Don’t try it.

    The only way I’ve gotten good weight loss results was by losing weight the healthy way.

  16. christine lrice cake queen said:

    Why can’t people apply some commonsense about diet issues ? Your body is a machine that needs fuel and maintenance – if you abuse it, it will slow down or break down, but unlike most machines, it might need more than a mechanic to fix it.
    there are no short cuts – eat either 3 normal or 6 small (healthy, balanced ) meals a day, cut out booze and nearly all caffeine and drink lots of water. Get as much exercise as your lifestyle will allow; moving about plenty will speed up metabolism and release endorphins ( feel- good hormones ). Cycling, running and brisk walking are great because you can do them out of doors and have fresh air.
    I’ve done the weight – loss thing every way possible during my 60- odd years, and seen many people get sick ( some never got better) so the advice I’ve given is based on the experience of a lifetime.

  17. MJ ♥ MJ said:

    I know this isn’t what you want to hear but this is what lead me to anorexia.
    I did loose weight doing this, but i don’t know if it was because i was only eating one meal or because of the excessive exercise that i did as well. I hope this helps but i wouldn’t recommend it.

  18. Bob said:

    Not really. You put your body into starvation mode and your metabolism slows down. Eating a healthy breakfast is the most important thing because it gets your metabolism going. Eat 5 small meals a day and don’t eat for 3 hours before bed.


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