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I need to loose weight but how?

I have a show in two months and I need to loose weight very quickly, how can I do that?

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3 Responses to “I need to loose weight but how?”

  1. Rolyn- yn flîn ddiawledig said :

    The word is ‘LOSE’…’loose’ is the opposite of ‘tight’.

  2. TiMe said :

    Focus on a balance diet, exercise but lightly three times per day(morning, afternoon, night) and do stretching before exercise.
    Since you have two months, you can see the significance of these light exercise with a balance diet. weekend can go to gym as one of the three slots, but do not over exercise as it will strain your muscle which can sore you for days. If needed hire a trainer to manage your diet and your exercise. And never think of skipping meals, you can actually go for 5 meals per day however all in small quantities which is easier to absorb meaning less fat more energy.

  3. Cool G said :

    Swimming, cycling, running.
    Give up eating all forms of red meat.
    Give up eating dairy products.
    Give up eating artificial sugar.
    Drink 20-25 glasses of water and workout until you sweat.
    Drink 2 glasses of water with one lemon squeezed in it every morning on an empty stomach and do not eat anything for next 60 minutes.
    Eat more vegetables and fruits.
    Eat spinach and do not eat rice at all.
    Have a good night of sleep as well.
    Once a week try having a fruit fast, eat light fruits like watermelon and citrus fruits. Do not eat bananas.
    All the best.


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