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how to lose weight fast? or flatten your tummy for a day?

im all about losing weight the healthy weight and everything,
but ive been doing that for 9 months now…
and very little results( ive actually gained weight..muscle though)
if anyone has any quick ways?
tips or anything?
its really appreciated.

also any ways to flatten your tummy for a day? im getting my belly pierced and i dont wanna be bloated:P

thanks:) <3

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2 Responses to “how to lose weight fast? or flatten your tummy for a day?”

  1. patheher said :

    Do Aerobic work. It sounds to me like you’re working your muscles, which is good, but you aren’t burning the fat. In order to burn the fat, you need to do running or some other cardiovascular workouts. And the only way to flatten your tummy for a single day is to suck it in and keep it in haha.

  2. Qwer said :

    Having food storage containers of various sizes on hand will make it so much easier for you to plan your meals and snacks. When you buy nuts, fruits and vegetables in bulk you can simply prepare, separate and store them for easy use later.
    For instance, you can pre-slice your apples and snack on them over several days. Simply cut them, rinse them in pineapple or lemon juice and store. This will make a quick and easy snack for later.
    Fix your lunch and take it with you to work. Better yet, fix your lunch and 2 snacks for work.


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