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How do you lose weight fast in the tummy and thighs?

I need to lose weight mainly in the tummy and thighs. Even some in my Calf. Please give me some good exercising tips like Running, Jumping jacks Etc. And how many to do in a day. Also some good Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner LOW calorie Things. Thank-you so very much

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4 Responses to “How do you lose weight fast in the tummy and thighs?”

  1. Chelsea Xavier said :

    Run three times a week for 30 minutes. When your finished drink a bottle of water and do 100 crunches. You’ll start to see the difference in the first week

  2. reeya said :

    just work on cardio(cross trainer my favourite machine lol and running machines rowing anything like that) and do sit ups that’s all. you can also lay on you back flat and push ur feet up and down works on your bottom belly which is hard work lol or you can also lay back flat on the ground put ur feet on the ground and push your hips up and down.
    its my own advice
    drink lots of water small portions a day mostly protine and fibre. try to stay active after eaten meals.
    and do as much a you can a day but don’t over work out.
    normally i do 45min on running machine 30 min on cross trainer and 10 min on situps but end up doing less sit ups.

    mornings – brown flakes anything with alot of fibre ready brake .
    lunch – fruit , or anything low carb grilld chicken salad.
    dinner- steak,chicken,lamb with veg
    and then eat anthing thats low carb for later on.

  3. Brianna Mariee said :

    go to this website and do their workout video, it really helps… heres for the thighs

    and for the stomach

  4. 15th of August Birthday Girl. said :

    I really would like to know this as well….


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