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How to lose some weight during Ramadan ?

well Ramadan is starting from Sept1…I want to lose some weight while fasting for allah. If I don’t lose any weight that is okie too as long as I don’t end up gaining weight. It happens to me every year I tend to put on about 10-15 pounds. So upsetting…How can I prevent that from happening this year. Would drinking green tea help keep my metabolism alive? I want to if possible lose like couple of inches from my belly.

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4 Responses to “How to lose some weight during Ramadan ?”

  1. mido said :

    Don’t eat much in Iftar and consult a Dr.

  2. Lynnie said :

    Green tea’s good for your body and helps with antibodies. I eat six small meals a day since I’m hypoglycemic. Vegetables, fruits, and healthy lean meats, (if allowed) and drinking no sodas help lose pounds. I drink fruit juice, water, and teas.

    Keep track of what you eat daily. Cut back on sweets and exercise daily. Drink plenty of water. Have a good Ramadan on Sept. 1st.

    Check with a doctor before you start any diet plan.

  3. Cust-M-Eyzed-Kid said :

    Well firstly I am a little puzzled because I lose sooo much weight after Ramadan. Unbelievable amounts of weight trust me. Like more than two stones. Honestly. What I do and what I am gonna start doing on the 1st of September is this.
    1) Wake up early in the morning to pray but instead of eating and eating and eating like some people do just drink drink drink drink. Green tea is a miracle lol and mostly water. After that I go to school and when I get back I usually lose about 2 pounds even though I dont do anything lol.
    2) When breaking fast dont stuff your face like some people do lol just eat fruits and vegetables and eat a little bit. Not tiny amounts but enough to full you up adequatly.

    Once you do this everyday you will lose a minimum of 2 stones. Last year I lose about 2 stones and 1 pound

    Email e if you want some info on how to fast without feeling hungry
    Thanx Bye!

  4. Transistor Jon said :

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