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If you go off birth control can you lose some weight?

I have been on Birth Control for about a year now, and I have gained some weight. I know that part of it is eating habits. But in Feb. I started weight watchers and only lost around 5-8 pounds. I was wondering if I went off of birth control would I lose some of the weight? Thanks.
I completely changed my eating habits before and I just wouldn’t lose any more weight it felt like. I was doing weight watchers. Then I started P90X and have been really busy with finals and studying.

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One Response to “If you go off birth control can you lose some weight?”

  1. living4god3884 said :

    Maybe yes and maybe no. What you really need to do is change your diet. Stop the snacking, switch to diet pop…or stop pop all together. Some people lose weight when stopping birth control and some don’t. Maybe you should switch to another birth control. Um…Yasmin and Yaz have less of an estrogen component (which is the component associated with weight gain USUALLY). Maybe you should consider switching to that kind?


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