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How to lose fat and fast. I don’t have time or money to join a gym and I want to lose my “spare tire” :)?

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13 Responses to “How to lose fat and fast. I don’t have time or money to join a gym and I want to lose my “spare tire” :)?”

  1. phantomphire93 said :

    slim fast

  2. sweatyhobo said :

    go running or walking

  3. LOLZ said :


  4. Freak said :

    Go to your local Target and buy a Pilates dvd (they cost like less than 15 bucks) Do it on your own time in your own living room. Or if you have a tv in your room, even better.

  5. yetunde o said :

    try eat a little and don’t make your self full and only eat three meals but little.

  6. theosharatos said :

    ok, this is what you do and you will feel and look skinnier next week.

    stop the sugar, white bread, soda, fried food

    eat whole grains, veggies, 3 meals and 3 small smacks a day

    drink 12 glasses of water a day

    and you must do something at least fr 10or 15 minutes to get your blood pumping.

  7. Nikki F said :

    It might take a couple months, but its really simple.

    Just don’t overeat and when you do, eat healthy. Then exercise a little everyday. Preferably about 30 minutes. It could be a quick paced walk in the park, some situps and jumping jacks, or a pilates class/dvd workout. MIx it up.

    Quick weight loss will NOT stick. If you just focused on a long term approach then 3 months from now you could be down 25 pounds instead of having your quick fix diets fail and be the same weight, if not heavier.

  8. Kevin_57 said :

    Cut out carbs and exercise. Even walking is a start. I lost 45 lbs in 3 months.

  9. Miranda E said :

    Eat less junk, eat more veggies, swim laps, go walking/jogging, if you have a dog take it for longer walks, if you work in an office climb some of the stairs instead of taking the lift, take up a sport like tennis or basketball, don’t drive to the corner store. basically walk or even ride a bike whenever convenient and have a healthy diet.

    hope I helped!!

  10. golden rider said :

    One word. Crunches.

  11. Betty B said :

    Eat less than what your body needs so you’ll have to use those fat reserves…and you can even use the money you save on food to pay for a gym membership!
    Or if you don’t have the time to go to the gym, exercise at home….dance around in your living room for cardio, do some weight training while watching tv, some crunches, lunges, pushups (those are all free), go around the block, walking, jogging or running, depending on your level of fitness.
    Make sure you always have a good sweat before taking a shower so you can “kill two birds with one stone”. Make sure you wait 10 minutes after exercising because you’ll keep sweating and there’s no point of taking a shower if you’re still in sweating mode.

  12. Sarah K said :

    eat ur liljglfjlgd

  13. mansionghost said :


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