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How many weight watchers points should I eat to MAINTAIN weight?

I am 5’3″ and weight 150 and have been doing the weight watchers diet eating between 18 and 23 points. My question is, once I get down to my correct weight, how many points do I then eat to just maintain that weight?

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3 Responses to “How many weight watchers points should I eat to MAINTAIN weight?”

  1. sarah_smiles said :

    No one can answer that here definitively. Once you get to your idea weight, then you will work on maintaining that weight (not losing or gaining more) for six weeks by adding a few pts each week to your target. You have to consider your life style and other factors…how active are you???

    You should be burning between 3 to 4 pts a day in activity…that will be part of the point you have each day…

    It is not all about eating on the maintenance program…please visit their website for more info…the community area is free…you can ask lots of questions there about it…

  2. Chesney ♥'s Jason said :

    it depends on what your ideal weight is, the more weight you lose as well depends on how many points you get, you continue to go down until you hit your goal weight.

    My only suggestion is to join online or join the meetings and you’ll have all the correct answers! 🙂

  3. stacy r said :

    If you’re a member of WW, they help you learn how to maintain. I’m not at goal yet but I believe they suggest adding 4 pts back into your day and try that. You will need to experiment on what works for you as everyone is different.


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