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Diet Weight Watchers?

I don’t go to meetings (cost money) and so after about a week I’m not motivated anymore but I really need to loose weight how can I stay motivated? I make menu’s in advance but I get tired of doing them so I stop then very quickly I will stop doing the diet and then I get mad at myself for not staying with the diet. PLEASE HELP!!!

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One Response to “Diet Weight Watchers?”

  1. working gal said :

    Eat food that’s allowed, but fills you up (eg: start meals with home-made soup. Low calories, and you feel satisfied). Then you don’t feel like you’re deprived.

    Do you share a house with anyone? Tell them you’re on a diet. That way it’ll be embarrassing if they catch you snacking.

    If you are struggling, allow yourself a small treat before you get desperate. That way, you won’t feel the need to binge when you eventually break out.

    Look up new diet recipes, to keep your food interesting.

    Get regular exercise. It gives you energy and makes you feel better, so you’re less likely to cheat. It also makes you lose weight faster, so you don’t have to stick to the diet for as long.

    Set yourself a goal of a week without cheating. Just one. If you can do it 7 days in a row, it wil become a habit, and you won’t have to think so hard about it any more. At the end of the 7 days, maybe you can have a small treat like a slice of cake, but you can just as well have a non-food treat like a movie or a manicure. Then, just keep going.

    Weight watchers does work. I’m doing a similar one (Weighless), also just by following the programme on my own. I turned the diet into a habit, stopped thinking about it, and still lost 3kg so far.


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