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How many calories should I eat per day to maintain my weight?

I am 14 years old, 165 cm , 110 pounds (50kg) and I want to maintain my weight , how many calories should I eat per day to maintain it? I normally eat around 2000 as I am still growing but sometimes I eat less like today I ate 1630 calories. I walk to and from school for 10 minutes every day and I excercise twice a week. Please don’t say you’re too young to count calories etc. 10 points for useful answer!

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7 Responses to “How many calories should I eat per day to maintain my weight?”

  1. anonymous said :

    take it easy and do cardio

  2. raspberriesx said :

    that’s a perfect weight 🙂 but you are still developing etc so don’t restrict otherwise you won’t grow and won’t get hips and boobs as much as you otherwise would. i would say eat about 1600-700cal a day to maintain that weight, taking into account the exercise you’re doing at the moment; if you do more exercise, eat a little more to make up for it x

  3. ‹^› ^-^ ‹^› said :

    Well if you normally eat 2000 calories , & haven’t been gaining any weight doing so then I think you should continue eating 2000 or less.

    Plus you exercise & attend school. So you probally already burn an extra 300 calories, if not more.

  4. UrbanChick67 said :

    amazing website for that!

  5. Ciara said :

    To maintain your weight, you must eat 2025 calories every day.

  6. Bodin said :

    2000 to 2500 calories is fine and you should not gain weight, if you consistently eat lower that say 1800 you may start to lose weight so try to keep it above that. Keep in mind though that on your exercise days you should be eating more to keep up with what you burned off.

  7. Salus said :

    It sounds like you know a thing or two about weight management. But despite your routine there are some days when you will eat or burn off less or more calories. We all know that every calorie counts, in that they can really add up. If you consistently eat about 2000 and do your ten minute walk you should be OK.

    However, I would like to propose that you use some tech to help you track and manage your weight. Try these resources:

    > See what is your ideal weight and determine how certain activities will affect your weight –

    > Use a smart phone app to count what you are eating and track how much you are burning easily –


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