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How many calories should I consume a day?

How many calories should I take in?
I’m 18, 5’4, 117 lbs. I am going to the gym every other day doing and hour and a half of weight machines and getting in the sauna. I want to lose between 7-10 lbs in one month and a half, or less. How many calories should I be consuming a day to reach my goal weight?

I know some people will say, why do you want to lose weight, your fine. …. Because I have pudge everywhere

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5 Responses to “How many calories should I consume a day?”

  1. kity w said:

    put your weight its a free anylisis it will give you the amount

  2. danny c said:

    1500-2000 calories is an ideal caloric intake. To lose your weight, get out of your routine. Try this. 30-45 Minutes of Elliptical three times a week before your workout (Cardio). Then do concentration lifting. This means Day 1 focus on Legs and Buttocks, Day 2 focus on Biceps and Abs, Day 3 work triceps and Cardio, and Day 4 work back and shoulders. Do that for your 6 week training then switch again to shock your muscles. Go light on the weights first week then go heavy second and third then light again. When you work light weights do more reps.

  3. Klondike_kate said:

    You should talk to a trainer or a nutritionist about this, they can give a specific break down of how many calories you should consume per day, as well as what types of food to avoid, and where your calories should be coming from because not all food is created equal.

    I would guess you would want to be consuming some where between 1300-1700 calories a day, but like I said your best to talk to someone about this and they can help you tailor a program to your body.

    Best of Luck!

  4. fdjfgdj said:

    Remember: you have to eat to loose weight. Anorexics are 50% body fat, have no serotin, and their hair is falling out. (I’m not saying you are anorexic..i’m just pointing out the extreme) Why don’t you try toning up, instead of losing weight? From what you tell me you are at an ideal, even underweight, for you height/age. Eat a normal 2000 calorie a day diet, PLENTY of protein, veggies/fruits and carbs (which are your energy). Do a light weight training routine paired with a moderate cardio workout, and it should do you wonders. Good luck =)

  5. KISS THE GIRL said:

    according to your body , i dont know

    some of this site will help


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