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How many calories does a 110 lb person have in them?

Not how many calories they should eat, but how many do they have in them? Like if you decided to eat a 120 lb person, how many calories would you be consuming?

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6 Responses to “How many calories does a 110 lb person have in them?”

  1. Lori F said :

    Are you thinking about being a cannibal!!!??

  2. Sophia said :

    Okay, that’s just really wierd.

  3. prettyinpink_626 said :

    .. ur scarin me =[

  4. claudia p said :

    Do you mean how many calories a person would have to eat to become that wieght and stay that wieght because it varies depending on how active you are and your genetics. You should aim to eat 2000 calories a day.

  5. IamCanadian said :

    1400 cal = 1lb
    so you would weigh 154 000cal

  6. Clalala said :

    3,500 equals one pound.

    So, a 120 pound person would have about 420,000 calories in them.


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