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How many calories do you burn while sleeping?

I came across some information that you burn calories while you sleep. I think they said an average of 500. I am pretty active when im awake. I am 5;2 and weight 150 lbs. How many calories would I burn on an 8 hour sleep when i consume an average of 1000-1200 calories per day.

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5 Responses to “How many calories do you burn while sleeping?”

  1. Booney™ said :

    I think they add that in when they suggest you calorie intake.

  2. michele said :

    Near 1/3 of your BMR.

    ~Dr. B.~

  3. Rogelio said :

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  4. ♦♣♠♥ said :


  5. Ant Boogie v4.0 said :

    It depends on how much muscle mass you have and what you ate prior to sleeping (protein and fats require burn more calories to digest) and whether or not your lift weights since muscle repair burns calories too


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