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How many calories burned?

I’ve heard somewhere that drinking a glass of ice water burns calories. How many does it burn? I drink a relatively tall glass, fill it to the top with ice (they’re rather large ice cubes so it’s equal to about a fourth of the glass of compacted ice, I’d say), and I also chew up the ice cubes afterwards because I figure if ice water burns calories straight ice would burn more. I heard somewhere that an 8 ounce glass of ice water burns 60 calories, but then I went on a website and found out that 12 minutes of jogging burns about 60 calories also, so I find it hard to believe. And I don’t want any answers saying ‘it depends on your body weight and exactly how much water and how much ice and blah blah blah’. Just give me an approximate. Also don’t say that you doubt ice water burns calories, after I hear it on like 10 answers on here plus like 15 diet websites, I believe it. If you’re going to say it doesn’t burn calories, don’t answer.

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4 Responses to “How many calories burned?”

  1. Alyssa said :

    Maybe like 5-10 calories.

  2. Amanda said :

    its a myth. an old wise tale

  3. :D said :

    8 ounce (typical glass) is probably around 8-10 calories on average, about as many calories as chewing gum burns in an hour. Not much more or less. But it really depends on other factors. So it could be anywhere from 5 calories to 15 calories. BUT if you drank 8 glasses a day (recommended amount) and it only burned 5 calories that’s 40 calories. And I can’t give you an average on ice but it does burn calories. Everything we do does.

  4. Tommy Elfenbein said :

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