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How many calories are burned while using an elliptical for 20 minutes?

My elliptical doesn’t tell me how many calories I have burned. So how many calories do you think were burnt for on the elliptical for about 25 minutes on level 6? If you don’t know what level 6 is, then just on regular settings. I weigh 160 pounds, if that helps at all.

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8 Responses to “How many calories are burned while using an elliptical for 20 minutes?”

  1. andy e said :

    Speed?any way it’s doesn’t really matter,the whole calories in/calories out stuff is a lie.

  2. prekinpdx said :

    It really depends. How fast are you going? Are you breathing hard, sweating, and your heart rate is way up, or are you kind of going at it half way? When I’m doing elliptical, I burn about 16-17 calories a minute but I make sure I’m going hard and that my heart rate stays high the entire time. I use level 11 or 12 and put it on random. If you’re working hard, sweating a lot, and your heart is pounding, I would guess somewhere between 14 and 18 cal a minute.

  3. LilBit said :

    Approximately 200 calories, give or take depending on how fast you are going and how much resistance you use.

  4. Big D said :

    It depends on how far you went/fast you were going and where your heart rate was for the duration of the exercise… but I’d take a shot in the dark and say around 110-140 calories. Don’t quote me on that 😉

  5. Alara said :

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  6. Shizue Yearby said :

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