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how good is fruit for fat loss?

i mean, can i get my main portion of carbohydrates from fruit in a fat loss diet?
thanks a lot
I seriously LOLed at the answers.
carlin is a mf comedian

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3 Responses to “how good is fruit for fat loss?”

  1. Lil Shorty said :

    They are very good they burn up to 40 fat calories but I would suggest Vegetables they burn more Fat calories.

  2. Lyzz Love said :

    no you cannot.

    try complex carbs, in the form of whole grain or whole whead bread.

    fruit is great, its filling, mostly water, and yummy. but you cannot expect to get all the energy you need from it

  3. Lacrimae said :

    Apples have flavonoids that help burn belly fat but I think veggies are overall better for weight loss.


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