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Coffee…bad or good for fat loss?

Everywhere I look it says it is because it helps prevent sooo many sicknesses and such, but people tell me its bad because it slows down your metabolism? How can something that jump starts it, slow it down?
I drink it black with powdered creamer which lacks sugar and is only 10 calories, but its made from corn syrup.
Will drinking one or two cups a day prevent fat loss?

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8 Responses to “Coffee…bad or good for fat loss?”

  1. PJ said :

    It makes no difference. Skip the creamer – it just adds calories. But drinking coffee with that little bit of creamer should have no effect on weight loss.

  2. Laura said :

    No it won’t.

    I go to weight watchers and am losing weight steadily and have a coffee and a Timmy’s cappuccino every day.

  3. Juan O said :

    No it won’t. They only way to loose weight is by doing exercise or by drinking tea. Coffee is not good for health. It contains plenty of Sugar, that’s why you feel like doing a lot of things. I would not recommend drinking coffee

  4. Sham's ID for Obama Nation said :

    It has absolutely no effect. It does not aid in losing weight as it doesn’t raise your metabolism enough to actually lose weight. If you work out after drinking a cup you will burn slightly more calories, but not enough to actually really help.

    It also will not prohibit you from burning fat. 2 cups a day isn’t anything to worry about.

  5. abercrombiedude18 said :

    Drop the coffee for green tea. Coffee has alot of chemicals. Some of the antioxidents are really benefital though it can raise stress levels in the body.

  6. E P.101 said :

    research showed that 2 cups of Coffee a day makes you gain 5 pound a year. but that’s for a person who does not live a healthy LifeStyle.

  7. Kasey B said :

    I’m not sure whether or not it slows your metabolism, but I’ve always experienced more success with weight loss when I drank it regularly. I think it’s because the caffeine boosted my energy and resulted in much better workouts.

  8. L said :

    It’s only good if it’s black.


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