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are these good fat loss pills?

i have bough ‘SCI Mx CLA omegaline 1000’ 90 capsules and i want to know if they are any good.
also could anybody telll me when to take them ?

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2 Responses to “are these good fat loss pills?”

  1. curious said :

    No. The right was to lose weight is by watching what you eat & exercise. Try this-
    -cut down your portion sizes for meals
    -at meal time drink only 1 glass of 1% milk, skim milk, or 100% juice if you need more to drink than drink water
    -between meals drink water
    -don’t snack between meals
    -exercise (work up a sweat) 3-5 times a week
    -don’t eat after 7pm
    -no junk food & no pop (even if it’s diet)
    -if you have to have a snack make sure it’s something like fresh fruit that is calorie/fat/sodium free

  2. lisbeth said :

    It is fat-acids but try it before you know if they work or not.

    A natural product that i know do work is FIT which tastes good too.

    Check FIT out at:


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