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Do you have information on the Fat Burning Furnace weight loss program? Is it good?

I need to know if I’m not being fooled before I buy it?

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6 Responses to “Do you have information on the Fat Burning Furnace weight loss program? Is it good?”

  1. Gypsy Kid said :

    Hey there, yeah i just saw that today – but my advice with any diet/exercise programme that needs your money is a scam. Health and exercise is all about you wanting to do it – don’t go wasting your money on something that you can do for free. If you are wanting to lose weight or even just tone up, make sure you eat three meals at the same time everyday and cut out all the snacks. Start going for a run once a week and build up from there, or even start swimming, really good for weight loss and definition. You don’t know if FBF does work or not, pictures can be photoshopped!

    Just get your own motivation together first, as, either way, you can’t lose weight without it.

    Good luck and hope this helps.

  2. Noemi said :

    I had a load of unwanted fat in all the wrong zones until I checked out colon cleanse, I appreciate they say that pills don’t work, however they sure worked for me, and they have been featured on CBS News too. There’s a free trial on currently at , give it a try, what have you got to lose?

  3. Joana said :

    The best way to burn fat is to consume less and exercise more, the difficulties appear when we really try to put that into operation! There are a lot of stumbling blocks in the real world aren’t there?! I discovered some excellent advice by visiting the web portal in the box below, they have a lot of tips, I melted away 6 pounds by doing as they advised.

  4. Billy said :

    Yes, Fat Burning Furnace works. Like any program though, you’ll have to do the work. This isn’t some kind of “magic pill” weight loss program.

    The core idea behind Fat Burning Furnace is doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This isn’t a new idea, but FBF takes it to a whole new level and helps get you the most results for the minimum amount of time.

    The basic idea behind HIIT is to push your body to it’s limit with just a few intense reps. This breaks down your muscles, and as they rebuild themselves, they burn away a lot of calories and eat up all your fat deposits. It’s really quite effective.

    FBF gives you few different HIIT workouts that you can use based on your fitness level and whether or not you have access to a gym, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all workout program.

    The diet part of the program is pretty detailed, but can basically be summarized as “healthy eating.” I found the exercises much more effective than the dietary advice. As long as you do the exercises and eat a reasonably decent diet, you should be fine.

  5. Johnny Stewart said :

    Want to lose weight?

    Hi…ACtually, Fat burning Furnace really have to be motivated and be confident to do that..try it’s not a scam…

  6. The Answer said :

    It is very good. In fact, it is the best weight loss system I’ve ever seen.
    It is obviously a great way to start.
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