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Good exercises for thigh fat and stomach fat loss?

NO i am not fat i just wanna get toned cuz i could be better. i have fast metabolism so fortunately i dont have to worry about getting fat…yet

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4 Responses to “Good exercises for thigh fat and stomach fat loss?”

  1. cliffdd2112 said :

    Hill Sprints

  2. ecshclark said :

    There are no exercises that will cause you to lose fat in only one area. Using more calories than you consume you will cause your body to start utilizing the energy stored in your fat cells. You will shrink the size of the fat cells in equal percentages throughout your body. Some areas have more fat cells like the thighs and stomachs, so it can appear that an exercise you are doing is specifically targeting thigh fat. A increase in muscle mass from the exercise can also “hide” the fat, again making it seem like that exercise targeted that specific fat zone. Any exercise that increases your calorie usage will do.

  3. Bryce B said :

    Targetted weight reduction is quite tough, some peeple would declare impossible, nevertheless I shed 3 inches from my waistline by following the tips on the website in the box below. Give it a try, their help is very sensible!

  4. nubar said :

    Dear Typical

    As we know that the human body is very intelligent, it has abilities to constantly maintain all of these balances automatically even when we sleep.

    Whenever you make a radical action with intention to formulate immediate change such as very fast weight loss, your metabolism in cybernetic regulate it to maintain stability in energy balance, very similar system as a thermostat maintains the temperature of your home in a desirable range.

    Whenever you are at risk of starving, naturally your body immediately responses this condition, it is well-known as “the starvation response”. In this circumstance your body will suddenly regulate your metabolic rate downward similar to a thermostat, which means you burn fewer calories.

    Extremely low calories diets can basically make you fatter. It is physiologically impracticable to achieve ‘permanent’ fat loss and lean body by starving yourself.

    The only way to achieve permanent fat loss and retain it forever is to decrease your calories faintly and increase your activity greatly. It is always much more improved burn the fat than attempt to starve the fat on behalf of successfully lose your fat permanently.


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