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Any good ways to burn fat in specific locations?

Do you guys know any tips on how to burn fat, especially in the thigh, but, and stomach area?

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3 Responses to “Any good ways to burn fat in specific locations?”

  1. Sri said :

    i try to write the answers your problem in my blog you can see any problem in my blog or in my business blog

  2. BestRated Online said :

    You need programs that can give you a workout regime as well as nutritional diet to complement the achievements on those certain areas you want. Fat burning Furnace has some really good tips, i have included a review site for you listed below.

  3. Homer said :

    I don’t think it’s generally possible to target areas for fat reduction in your body without surgical intervention. You can exercise parts of your body so those areas firm up, but it’s not due to fat reduction as much as inproved muscle tone.

    Each of us loses weight (fat) from our whole body, not one specific area.


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