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How does a teen lose weight quickly?

I am almost 15 and I am severely obese. I need to lose weight really quickly. Any good diets that some of you guys have had success?
Any exercising tips? I try to strength train, but my muscles get exhausted quickly.

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3 Responses to “How does a teen lose weight quickly?”

  1. M3LL0WY3LL0W said :

    I like to run everyday, it doesn’t matter how long or how much you run. Just that you actually do it. Also, if your comfortable enough and the weather is good, I recommend swimming.

  2. scott3352 said :

    alright so basically i had the same problem you did i was obese and i hated the way i look. my tip is to eliminate all carbohydrates. no bread cake pastries candies sweets nothing with sugar added. natural sugar is good you can eat good fats like avocados eat a lot of berries and increase your daily fiber. you should do cardio every other day of the week as long as you can till you cant run anymore. eat very low amounts of food but have 5 meals a day and have a good attitude and be confident. first you should lose weight then start to build muscle hope you have a good time losing weight and just because you don’t lose a ton of weight in the beginning doesn’tt mean it wont star. just be persistent and the weight will com off as soon as u know it and pills don’t work. go run bike and swim and you’ll be fine.

  3. fat girl said :

    you always have to start somewhere. At first walk around the block, then walk two blocks, then run a block. Just work your way up. try to do twenty push-ups and 50 sit ups everyday. Slowly add More reps everyday and in time you will look great. there is no quick fix that will last. you will have to work at it, n if you do, the results will be great. As for a diet, try cutting your carb intake by 1/2. You can eat an unlimited amount of veggies, and cut out all pops and sugary drinks. drink lots of water


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