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How to lose weight without fad diets and something that will fit into a busy schedual?

I am 15 and i am obese. No i am not skinny and say i wanna lose more weight. I am obese and i want help I just can’t find to right way to do it. I try everything and nothing has worked. I am a very busy with FFA being an officer and playing sports yet i can’t lose weight. For some reason, when i get bored i eat. Please help I would like to lose weight adn look good for the upcoming school year. Thanks

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8 Responses to “How to lose weight without fad diets and something that will fit into a busy schedual?”

  1. Loseweight Coachwatz said :

    If you want to lose weigh, never binge on food when you are bored, depressed, or stressed. This will never lose you weight. Put some love and determination on losing weight. Be consistent. If you say NO to fat-giving foods, it’s a sure thing that you’ll lose weight. But since you don’t want fad diets, you can try introducing a set of exercise routine in your daily habit. The one that worked for me is the Body Renovator. This the easy solution for long term weight loss.

  2. Pink Floyd said :

    I have a couple of water bottles next to the couch.. each time I sit on the couch I pick them up and lift them up and down.
    It is boring and it seems useless to do but if you get used to do it,., after just 20 minutes you will start sweating and your arm will get tired.
    Just change arm and carry on, eventually it will become automatic and you might even want to progress to some dumbells, maybe a little bit heavier than the water bottle.

  3. Jaden said :

    helped me =)…

    When you get back from school just do exercises like crunches.. Their easy =) Just search easy home exercises..on google. But the link i gave you helped me lose 10 pounds, i was on it for around 1 week :P..

    Good luck !

  4. fleming f said :

    How about you go running around the block every day? Or at least walk it.
    That would do it if you really want.
    You will lose weight if you eat less calories than you consume.
    Also for a normal (non drastic) diet that works you might want to see:

  5. Olsten Darob said :

    When you get bored, instead of eating try doing sit ups and push ups.

  6. Common Sense said :

    Have you tried something like this

  7. Jenna Summers said :

    You have to learn how to eat right. I always thought that eating less was the key, but it’s not. The key is eating nutritious foods. You see, when you eat the wrong foods, your body’s hormones sorta cross circuit and then they don’t work right, hence, you’ll gain weight. Of course, eating more calories than you burn doesn’t help either. It’s the leading cause of Type 2 diabetes.

    I’m not talking about fad diets, but fixing your eating habits. When you start eating right your body will do some amazing things and your cravings will disappear.

    If you truly want to learn how to eat right, I recommend one of two books. Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. or The Fat Resistance Diet by Leo Galland, M.D. Buy them used or see if they’re available at your local library. These are the ones I’m talking about:

    I love those 2 books. I have both of them. They not only explain what and how to eat right, but what happens to your body when you eat food. The information is a real eye opener.

    Circuit training is one of the best ways to boost fat loss. It combines cardio with resistance training. If you can do a 20-30 minute workout only 3 times a week, combined with healthy eating habits, you WILL lose weight.

    Here’s an article on circuit training and how it can boost rapid fat loss:

    I wish you the best of luck.

  8. Peter Stockwell said :

    You are fat because you eat more calories than you burn off. If you eat when you are bored you must ask why are you bored. Find something to do and you won’t eat. You must eat a healthy diet, cut out the junk food, cookies and fizzy drinks. Exercise an hour a day. The bottom line is how much do you want to lose weight and look good? If it is just a bit you will probably carry on eating. If it is a lot you won’t.


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