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How do you lose weight in your face without losing weight on any other part of your body?

Well I’m skinny but recently, I think I’ve been getting a tad chubby lol well especially on my face! I wanna lose weight in my face but I don’t wanna lose weight anywhere else, is that even possible? 😐

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9 Responses to “How do you lose weight in your face without losing weight on any other part of your body?”

  1. bronnimoose said :

    If you’re putting weight on your face then you’re bound to be putting it on elsewhere. Your face is one of the first places it shows! Are you sure you don’t need to lose weight from anywhere else?????

  2. Jeklo said :

    No, not really. You can focus on toning muscles in certain areas of your body which can tighten/tone your look in that area but weight loss can not be contained to specific body parts.

  3. Jimmy said :

    No that’s not possible because there are no exercises that target the face! The only way to lose it is by generally losing weight. The first place gains and losses are really noticeable are on the face so if you lose a little weight overall it’ll come off your face

  4. smgr4 said :

    Hmm.. I’m not exactly sure on this one, but maybe you need to cut out sodium. Sodium can really bloat you out. Caffeine can also do it, like chocolate, soda and coffee. Do like a body detox and flush some stuff out. There’s tea’s that do it, the master cleanser (the lemonade diet). But they’re only safe to do for a couple days or so, not to starve yourself. Also, try some face yoga. I know it sound weird, but just stretch your face out. Open your eyes and mouth and stick out your tongue as much as you can and hold it for awhile. You’ll look like a crazy person but there’s like, i don’t even know how many muscles in your face so they can definitely by exercised to. Some face mud’s can draw out toxins and things in your skin and may help wring out some water or whatever is going on there.

  5. DonnaA said :

    It’s not possible to lose facial fat without overall weight loss, which as your slim could result in a tired/drawn look – not good on anyone!

    Suggest you try facial exercises

    if it’s loss of muscle tone they will work – although it will be 3/4 months before you notice any change.

    The above site gives some free examples but her books are available or can be requested at most local libraries.


  6. zara said :

    well dear its possible.. chew a chewing gum all day long or as frequently as possible that’s how u can keep ur teeth clean and ur face there are exercises also especially for face… say aaa.eee,oooo while going to sleep for 10 minutes..tilt your head backwards as much as possible repeat it on and off.any way if u eat tooo much u do get effects on ur face u cant cutt it off from the rest of your body..

  7. Elouera said :

    Excess weight or obesity is by far the number one health concern in this country.
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  8. Tobethefact said :

    There are more tips and info.
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  9. breville juicers said :

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