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How to lose weight extremely fast without a dime?

Im a young man whose currently finishing college and I want to know what’s the fastest way to lose all the unnecessary fat and get skinny.

I never have tim,e to exercise due to my schedule for classes and work. What is the legit most quickest way to lose weight?

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11 Responses to “How to lose weight extremely fast without a dime?”

  1. Kevin said :

    well without exercise your only other option is to stop eating

    but hey, thats free!

  2. Sel said :

    Sit-ups and push-ups before you sleep and when you get up. That will help you get in shape.

  3. are u there satan? it's me, said :

    go on a fast, drink nothing but water

  4. MonMac said :

    You can’t lose your weight fast without unhealthy consequence on your body. Besides, If you lose it fast, you would likely regain it. To lose weight here’s an advice:

    Eat a healthy breakfast and don’t skip it. Eating a healthy breakfast would jump-start your day, give you energy and can help you eat in moderation at lunch and dinner. A high-fiber, low-fat breakfast(like oatmeal with skim milk) may make a major contribution to a total reduced food intake for the day.

    Losing weight is simply a matter of limiting calories consumed and burning off more calories with exercise and daily activities. To lose weight, it helps to know how many calories you are consuming in a day so you would know how much to burn.

    Eat more fat burning foods; check out:

    To monitor your calorie consumption and daily activity,

  5. Health Guy said :

    The key to starting a successful diet plan is to make the changes slowly. You can’t go from eating garbage everyday to eating healthy overnight. The changes required to do something like that are huge and should be spread out over a period of time. If you make the changes too quickly, your body won’t have time to adjust and you’ll probably quit before seeing any results.

    At first, you shouldn’t worry about your calorie count. When you start replacing unhealthy junk with healthy alternatives your calorie count will naturally be reduced because healthy choices are generally lower in calories than unhealthy ones. Start by reducing the amount of junk you eat (chips, cookies, pastries, doughnuts, soda, sugary drinks). Replace unhealthy snacks with nuts, fruits, salads and yogurt.

    You can then start getting rid of products made from refined flour such as white bread/pasta. Replace these with foods made from 100% whole wheat flour (check the nutrition label). The difference in the two flours is that whole wheat contains more fiber (and vitamins & minerals) which slows down the digestion process. This will keep you full for a longer period of time which will help you eat less throughout the day. Other foods that are high in fiber are fruits, vegetables, oats, beans and legumes.

    Eventually, you will need to start monitoring your calorie intake. Losing weight depends on you eating less than you burn. If you’re not losing weight, the problem is that you’re either eating too much, exercising too little or a combination of both. If you want a comprehensive and personalized free diet plan and workout routine, visit

  6. Zak said :

    dude you need to lose weight and you neighter have money or time. I did lose weight too but spent about 60 days and some dough!

    Anyways here is the information you need: I was just surfing some channels on TV and on Discovery they were showing some new stuff, supposedly really awesome (this was not an infomercials BTW) and a pretty quick way to lose weight, very safe and natural.

    Now here is GOOD part: I checked out their website and found some free trail going on right now. I guess that answers both of you questions.

    This is where you need to go:

    Let me know if it works for you.


  7. fawshawww. said :

    Without exercise, that’s a pretty tricky one!
    but you could just watch the things you eat!
    try to have 3 meals a day, and not snack between them, thats just extra weight that your body doesnt need, listen to your tummy and not your mind, when you are full, STOP eating! dont listen to your mind which will be telling you , the food is there so eat it up!
    at least try to do a little workout, just when you have the time, do a few push ups, and sit ups! also , try to walk and run places, you never know, just the littlest things help!
    try to drink only water and tea (if you like it) as there are so many hidden calories in drinks.
    on occasions, you still can eat, just keep the proportions to a certain size. and remember dont over fill yourself.

    overall, be active, and healthy! keep your mind set on your goal and you will achieve it in no time 🙂

    good luck with this and i hope i helped!

  8. Imaka said :

    Weight loss is an overall process and there are no magic answers. Pay no attention to weight loss supplements and pills and all the latest fads. You need to think about many factors but most of them are related to issues we’ve known about for a very long time. There are many sensible things you can do that will make a tremendous difference over the long term if you need to lose weight. It can be done in a healthy way. This is what has worked for me.

    Keeping a food journal really does help. It will give you a much better sense of how much you are eating, and when, and why.

    Make a few additional small changes – walk everywhere, always use stairs instead of elevators, walk on escalators, get up and move around at least once an hour if your work or your life in general is sedentary, walk every day, use a pedometer. Walking 10,000 steps a day is a really good idea. Build up to a long brisk walk everyday, or most days. Be more active and watch less TV and spend less time on the computer. Buy one piece of exercise equipment to have at home and be strict with yourself about using it. Sometimes you can find mini-steppers or exercise bikes at second hand stores and thrift stores for just a few dollars.

    Start a weight lifting routine. Join a gym. Possibly you can find one that has someone who specializes in weight lifting programs for beginners. Weight lifting will increase your metabolism as well as improve posture and appearance overall. Even if you can’t get to the gym you can work out at home using things around the house. Invest in a good weight training book. The Dummies series actually has a good one.

    In terms of diet, cut out or reduce things like junk food, pop, fat, fast food. Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish. Particularly if you choose a vegetarian lifestyle include natural peanut butter, hummus, dried fruit and nuts. Pay close attention to getting the nutrients your body needs to be healthy.

    Make your portion sizes smaller. Use a smaller plate – in our society we have become accustomed to thinking that we need a large plate of food at every meal, and we don’t. About quarter of your plate of food should be protein and at least half of it should be veggies.

    Learn to count calories. At your current weight and activity level, you may possibly need about 2000 calories or more to maintain your current weight. So you will lose weight at a reasonable and healthy rate if you cut back to about 1600 or 1700 calories a day.

    Eat small amounts frequently, rather than three large meals. Never skip breakfast. Include some protein in your breakfast. It will help get you through the day.

    Drink plenty of water, at least 8 big glasses of water a day, and more if it is very hot, if you sweat a lot, or if you are exercising intensely, and eliminate fruit juices. Fruit juices have too many calories, so get your vitamins from fresh fruit, not the juice. You will begin to see changes in your body.

    Vary your routines. Don’t eat the same number of calories every day (vary your calories from 1400 a day to 1900 or 2000 some days), eat a variety of foods, and do different kinds and amounts of exercise. You will lose weight much more efficiently if you mix things up from time to time so that your body doesn’t adjust to any one routine.

    An area that many people overlook is getting enough sleep. You are much more likely to overeat or to binge eat if you are tired and not well rested, so get enough sleep.

    Check out websites about nutrition, exercise, weight training, etc. Here are a few helpful links.

  9. Patricia B said :

    Here is a website with some weight loss tips, maybe you can find some answers here.

  10. daviy said :

    go on a diet from i lost 35pounds in less than one month last year from their veggie diet and its free plus their trainers and nutritionists help u all the way

  11. Barbara said :

    I’ve been there and done that. If you are really trying to lose weight, you have to stay dedicated and determined to do so. I lost around 50 pounds using just these simple tips I’m about to explain to you.

    I found three things to be the best but you have to use them together in order to get some great results. You have to understand that you are what you eat first. Dieting is something you might have to stick in there with and follow through with one. Some people can while others can’t.

    The next thing you need to do is create a workout plan whether that be cardio or some other exercise to get the heart rate up. You have got to do at least 30 mins a day to get some results.

    The 3rd step that I’m going to explain, helps a lot if you are slobbish on your diet or just need some help with it all. For me, it’s a natural herbal supplement called Proactol. It’s a fat binder and an appetite suppressant. I’m very health consicious and having this supplement that is made from natural herbs, you really can’t beat it. It’s helped me so much but absorbing up to 28% of fat that you intake. Which means if you aren’t following your dieting plans, you have a little more room for food being on the supplement. The appetite suppressant part works wonderfully too so you can actually stay away from the cookies and brownies.

    These steps really worked for me, you should try them out for yourself even if you want to lose very little or that extra mile. Also at the time of my 3 month supply purchase of Proactol, I saved a lot of money on it at http://theweightlossplace .com

    Good luck and I hope this helps you out for your weight loss goals.


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