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Is there a heathy and fast way to lose weight without buting something from tv or the internet?

I was just wondering because I want to lose weight and I don’t care how long it takes as long if it doesn’t take years!! I want to lose 43lbs and I want to do it this year like before new years eve. Like maybe a diet plan or something I could do with my dog, 10lb weights, or my stationery bike. I don’t want to but something because they don’t work for everybody and so they might not work for me. I can’t download anything because this is my dads computer and I can’t spend money because I am not allowed to. I am twelve years old and tired of hearing I am too young to worry about my weight because I am not ever heard or childhood obesity? I am not obese I am just overweight and want to lose weight! I know that 43lbs sounds like a lot but it is not quite underweight almost but not quite. If I grow an inch it would be underweight though. So I am a vegetarian and obviously won’t eat anything with meat.
oops typo o.o should’ve spell checked >.< well that was buying in case you didn't know!

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7 Responses to “Is there a heathy and fast way to lose weight without buting something from tv or the internet?”

  1. LindaLou said :

    Try this totally free website. I discovered it through an answer on Y!A and have lost 8lbs in a week and a half. It has lots of great tips and tools for weight loss.

  2. hopar said :

    yes. dont eat to much, only eat healthy stuff. and always work out, do some excercise. my friend did that and it really helped him. he didnt eat any thing that had fat in it, or if it did it spouse to be just a little bit.

  3. yums said :

    read tips on weight loss and exercise programs on this site

  4. oldschooldude said :

    You REALLY shouldn’t worry about it,but you can get what you want at an herb store….It worked for my wife and I ! And its SAFE…NO side affects.

  5. BrendaWise said :

    If you have a scale, see what your weight is. Weight yourself tomorrow and stop eating when you are one pound less than you are today. Lose one pound per day, and you will be where you want to be in less than two months. If you feel weak, eat a little more but not too much, until you feel okay again. You will have to keep eating less to keep the weight off forever. If you really feel weak, have your doctor check you.

  6. Porterhouse said :

    Yes, start an exercise program and STICK to it….. good luck

  7. Jack said :

    Make sure your diet is healthy and well rounded. Be sure to get your exercise without overdoing it. Keep a regular schedule. Get up the same time each day and go to bed the same time each day. If you follow a healthy routine, then your body will “find” the best weight without you worrying about it. In the army, some guys gain while other lose all on the same diet a schedule. As long as the rest of your activities are healthy, so will be your weight.


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