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How Do You Quickly Lose Belly Fat?

I’m just a teen looking for simple ways to lose belly fat quickly. I’m not overweight or at risk for being overweight, but I’ve noticed lately I don’t look as thin as I used to be. I’m a cheerleader, and I know I’m gaining stomach muscle from a few of the excercises I do, but I know that’s not the reason. I weigh about 115 pounds if that helps. If you can, please give me specific things I can do to lose some body fat.

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5 Responses to “How Do You Quickly Lose Belly Fat?”

  1. ♥Kit-Kat♥ said :

    Dance. Youtube belly dancing moves, and copy them.
    (In the privacy of your

    Dancing moves your waist/hips, and it works out your stomach muscles.
    If you notice, dancers have FLAT stomachs.

  2. Silversweetty said :

    Be careful what you eat! Drink lots of water! Get plenty of sleep. And no stress! Your weight is fine! If you think your fat than try Drinking this juice called fuze. It helps you get slim in days!

  3. Informatic said :

    Some paritcular exercises have to strengthen your musle and reduce your fat.You can check in youtube.I see it very useful.

  4. Mr. Fitness said :

    Do the Fat X 12 fat burning workout and diet program. It’s a 12 day workout and diet plan you can cycle as many times a you want. The workout videos and diet are free on the Fat X 101 blog. It’s an awesome program to burn fat and tone up! Good luck!

  5. Karima Killean said :

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