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How do you lose weight fast in Fable 2?

I have hardly eaten anything and my character is fat! How do I lose the weight fast and make him good looking??

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6 Responses to “How do you lose weight fast in Fable 2?”

  1. baseballboy1144 said :

    Eat celery from the vege vendors in the citys and run alot.

  2. ʃ‡βөᶙᵰŧӵ ĦůήҭὲЯ‡ʅ said :

    If you get the Knothole Island expansion pack, not only do you have a few more hours of awesome gameplay, but they give you amazing new items includeing WEIGHT LOSS POTIONS! YAY! You can even buy potions that lose 100% fat so eat up as much as you want! Just be sure to have a potion near by…

  3. sdawg said :

    one way is to buy all of the celery in the produce stalls and eat that then sleep for a day and buy more till ur asleep

    If u have the Knothole Island download u can buy a potion that will make u loss a lot of wieght but at the cost of ur purity but it takes alot off depending also on which one u buy at the time

  4. Emilie D said :

    I use the ShrinkIt Weight Loss System, it’s working great. I’m starting to look good AND feel good. The ShrinkIt program includes:

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    I buy it at this website from my good friend Luc:
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  5. Aura Sigurdson said :

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