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Do you know anything on how to lose weight fast?

Do you know any tips on what to eat and what not to eat? My goal is 5-10 pounds(which is all I need). Please tell me you know something!!

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5 Responses to “Do you know anything on how to lose weight fast?”

  1. Blond Betty said :

    I have the same goal! <3
    I could give you my diet plan if you want?
    Just an idea:

    3/4 cup of special k(any flavor)
    1/2 cup of low fat silk
    a few pieces of melon or starwberries


    Eat a few vegetables or a special k bar or luna bar 2 hours later.

    Spinach salad with almonds and light italian dressing
    Egg white cut into two pieces on two kashi crackers with asparagus

    More veggies
    or 1/4 cup of plain tuna on special k crackers

    Japanese noodles(you can buy fresh in the organic section)
    with snapped peas and squash in a little soy sauce(eat about a cup)

    Special k or luna bar or quakes

    Drink AT LEAST 64ounces of water. Which is 8 glasses/2 liters.
    I work out EVERYDAY for 45 mins. ON THE TREADMILL.
    So if you go outside and walk for that amount(speed) it should work.
    I do crunches/sit ups/leg lifts. And it is REALLY working.

  2. lollypop414 said :

    stay away from any WHITE foods. (bread, rice, potatoes..) lay off the carbs! and exercise.

  3. celticwoman123 said :

    I went on a fruit diet for a month and lost 10 pounds, it’s a pretty good diet for me

  4. mrshotwheel said :

    steamed foods like chicken and rice with lots of water no pop. take away the pop and you will lose 5 pounds right away.

  5. *freedom* said :

    Try going on walks after lunch and dinner. I don’t like to run, but I walk every day after lunch at work. I work at a large office plex so after eating, I put my sneakers and workout clothes on and I will just go up and downstairs a few times and then walk around outside for awhile and enjoy the beautiful scenery. After work, I walk around the neighborhood. Spiritually, it always releases the negativity and keeps me clear. Physically, it keeps you in shape as well.

    Dieting is difficult. I’d say eat what you want (within reason!) and take on some exercise regularly and those pounds should come off. Good luck.


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