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How do you get off of a low-carb diet without gaining weight?

My experience with being on a low-carb diet has been that I am extremly sensitive to carbs. For example, if I eat even a single chocolate bar, it leads to weight gain the very next day. Due to this increasing sensitivity to carbs, it gets harder and harder to lose or even avoid gaining weight.

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3 Responses to “How do you get off of a low-carb diet without gaining weight?”

  1. smiley said :

    Eating heathy (even if it isn’t low carbs) and regular exercise should help keep it off. Immediately after quiting a diet, most people gain some weight back but it should level off once your body gets used to the new way of eating.

  2. funnyguy15 said :


  3. damond h said :

    First off, low carb diets are not the way to go. I would suggest some physical activity. Walking, swimming, riding a bike. Any of those coupled with a balanced diet, including carbs will aid you in losing weight. However, weight, isn’t whats important, as much as inches lost.


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