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I’ve lost weight, now how can i start to consume more food without gaining weight back?

I’ve lost 40-45 pounds through exercise and greatly restricting my diet. I am 16 years old, 138 pounds and 5’10. I haven’t been consuming very many calories for a long time now. ( 7-8 months of 3 meals and nothing else maybe a total of 1000-1500 cals.) How can i begin to eat a larger amount of food without gaining weight back??

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9 Responses to “I’ve lost weight, now how can i start to consume more food without gaining weight back?”

  1. RyRy said :

    yes start off at 1250, if you gain a pound, then go down 100 calories and slowly increase it by 250 calories every 2 weeks till u hit 2000

  2. Samantha said :

    HEALTHY food. like hardcore. Fruits. all that stuff. You should continually exercise because its healthy to do that on a regular basis even if you aren’t trying to lose weight.

  3. Miri S said :

    5 or 6 SMALL meals spead over the day. Whole wheat bread, healthier choices for everything, anything with acai berry in it. Exercise. Hope I helped.

  4. JiggaSauruss said :

    You should continue to exercise. Don’t quit. Just eat larger amounts of food, and little junk. Try your hardest not to get to much into those junk foods again

  5. toyotaguy said :

    Track your calories, and burn as much as you eat. If you are only consuming 1000 Cal. per day just walking throughout the day will burn that. Buy a bike and an Ipod. An hour a day on the bike will keep the weight away. One thing I recently started doing that I really like is a far infrared sauna. They claim you burn 600 calories in 30 minutes. The spa closest to my home that offers this service charges $15 per 30 min. Try it once. You’ll love it.

  6. Boy_Troubled said :

    Slowly start to consume a larger diet, but not like candy and soda and chips but a larger portion of food. When you’re finished relax for a bit to let the food settle, then go and exercise, just maybe a quarter of a mile and back, so a half mile. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Once you feel good about the portion you are consuming, stick to it. Don’t go back to your old eating habits but slowly consume larger portions and don’t go over the portion that you’re supposed to have. Like the cheeseburgers and 3/4 portion to large. And eat more fruit and vegetables and if you want some fries or something, go for a small, that’s even 1/4 portion to big. Make sure not to eat like you did before and don’t consume large amounts of calories or trans fat. Only the correct portion of food, and work on food in the food pyramid, it may sound elementary schoolish, but it works and keeps you healthy and stable. If you ever have cravings or are still hungry after the small portions of food, try gum.
    Hope that helped 🙂

  7. Fern said :

    well, being thin doesn’t really run in my family. im very thin and i never worry bout what i eat. of course i still eat fruits and vegetables on occasion of almost everyday but not cuz im concerned, they just taste good to me. but i eat tons of sugar and i am very thin. i play softball,bowling,swimming, and gymnastics, and exercise everyday, but that’s just cuz i like sports and stuff. but it still helps me. even just exercise 2-5 times a week will help u. or join one sport.

  8. Stacey M said :

    Avoid high carbohydrate foods, like bread, pasta, rice and especially sugar. If you keep your carb count low enough, your body will stay in a fat burning mode. (fiber doesn’t count because it’s indigestible), Plus most carbohydrate foods except for fruits and vegetables are junk foods, or empty calories. That’s right, bread and pasta (white flour) are nothing but junk. So is white rice. Whole grains are okay in moderation, but you have to know how much you can eat without gaining weight. Read Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution. And go the website

    I truly believe that this is the only effective way to keep the weight from coming back. Educate yourself before making a decision!!! Actually read the book and the info on the website. Get your mom or dad to read it so they can help you with it. don’t worry about what people think of Atkins. Unless they’ve read it, they are probably incorrect about what they think it is.

    I just read my post and it sounded like I was telling you not to eat fruits and veggies, that’s not what I meant. Your carbs should come primarily from veggies and less from fruits.

  9. Tina said :

    You should eat alot of fiber rich foods beacause it fills you but your body doesnt digest it so it doesnt have much calories.


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