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When should I expect to see changes in my weight after I eat bad carbs on a low-carb diet?

How long does it generally take for food to effect your body? Say I go a week on the low-carb diet then cheat one day, how long does it take for my cheating to take effect on my weight? Is it the next day or a couple days after that?

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3 Responses to “When should I expect to see changes in my weight after I eat bad carbs on a low-carb diet?”

  1. Xari Lee said :

    generally, your weight fluctuates based on a 3 day average…example if you ate 3500 xtra cals in one day you wouldn’t gain one pound right away…

  2. Guitargirl said :

    It varies. If I pig out on pasta one night for dinner, the next day my gut will seem to pooch more than it did the day before, but some of it could be psychological too. (lol)….Usually if you eat better the next day it all balances out.

  3. kg24 said :

    NOTE: I am not a registered dietician. One of these or your doctor are the ONLY people who can give you this kind of advice. The following is my opinion.

    The weight will show up rapidly. You spent the whole week depriving yourself of carbohydrates which in a healthy diet should make up 55-75% of your calories according to WHO (world health organization). You body will be relieved to get some glucose (the *ONLY* fuel your brain uses, and *primary* energy source of the body), and then PACK THEM IN since it is used to you not eating any.

    Something like a low carbohydrate diet is very, very dangerous with out the guidance of a dietician or your doctor.

    What I would do is start balancing things instead of depriving. (its common sense- your body gets nothing then what do you think it will do when you finally eat? If its not used to you eating something it will absorb it, so eat something!)

    go to and eat what it tells you. see if you can get a registered dieticians advice at a deal.

    You cant even technically take my advice! Find someone with M.S., R.D., L.D., after thier name.

    If your pal susie isnt “Susie MS, RD, LD” then she doenst know whats good..

    Think about it: veggis, milk, and whole grain are bad cause of carbs?? Thats asinine.
    Theres no “bad carb” its a sales ploy and urban legend. Simple concentrated are the worst kind like candy. Even these are an evergy source so not “bad”. Less healthy yes.. Simple (non concentrated) from milk and veggis, and complex from whole grain.


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