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How do I lose weight without my stomach growling?

I know i need to lose weight. But I get hungry often. I have breakfast at like 6:30 and at school we can have a snack at 11:00. Then lunch at 12:45. I usally eat a bowl of cereal and a yogurt but then my stomach starts to growl at 10:15/30 and it is embarsing during class. What should I eat that is healthy but will still keep me full?

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6 Responses to “How do I lose weight without my stomach growling?”

  1. RainfallHearts said :

    Maybe learn to like your stomach growling? When mine does… I feel like im accomplishing something and doing a good job… and after a while it’s a good feeling. Like some sort of euphoria.

  2. googlexed said :

    Water! My stomach used to growl all the time during class, and we’re not supposed to have food in class…so I bring a water bottle. So, whenever your stomach starts feeling weird, take a few sips of water. Also, if you think water is boring and bland, add some mint extract and it will taste yummier. 😉

  3. Binka said :

    Nuts and whole grains. Don’t eat sugary stuff. It will just make you hungry. For breakfast eat eggs or a breakfast meat instead of cereal. And some oatmeal, without the added sugar and throw in some fruits.

  4. jackie said :

    Eating through out the day. Eat like 5-6 meals of like 300-400 calories a day. Ull be amazed at what u can eat in that range and eating through out the day keeps your metabolism going and the feeling that ure eating all the time which is a problem for people. Big meals fail. This works

  5. Pippa McClellan said :

    Try discussing it with a doctor who knows your needs, activity levels and metabolism better. However, don’t listen to RainfallHearts — your stomach growling should not give you euphoria. That’s unhealthy. It’s your body telling you that it needs sustenance, and getting a thrill from that is something to be worried about.

  6. simpleyyhappy said :

    well i had the same problem..i used slim fast available in cvs…but if u cant use anything..then eat slow…when you eat slow you get full more faster…dk maybe it will work


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