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How do i lose some fat?

I need to get rid of some on my belly and my love handles

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5 Responses to “How do i lose some fat?”

  1. Juicedindianaboy said :

    DIET and lots of cardio, such as walking,running, or riding a bike..

  2. Bt E said :

    I would try fitnessfun. It is online base fitness company. They help you with any fitness goal you have to help you reach it. They work great because I use them to get back into shape. Try them out at

  3. Let me c it said :

    obesity is the key to death

  4. Sandra Y. said :

    Well, I use to be fat and had rolls in my waist and belly. It wasn’t until I changed my diet was when I finally got results.

    So take a hard look at your diet first if you want to lose fat.

    Doing strength training and Pilates, and HIIT also helped me a lot too.

    Here’s a good site with great diet and workout tips to help you lose fat and tone those abs and love handles. It helped me by showing me the mistakes I’ve been making. Here’s the links:

    Burn Stomach Fat –

    Waist Exercises –

    Good luck.

  5. mansionghost said :


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