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20 days to lose love handles and inner thigh fat? or atleast lose some of it?

im 16 years old, 5’8, and 130 pounds, so im not fat, but i do have some fat on my belly and sides, and some on my thighs. ill be going to the gym 5 days a week, and mostly using cardio machines, and then i’ll do weights at home after the gym. im also eating very healthy, but how much protein and how many calories should i be eating? the machines i use at the gym are the bike (my favorite), the elliptical (dont like so much), and the treadmill. how long should i go on each one at the gym to get the best results? im going to florida in 20 days so i just need to shape up a little before! any help or other suggestions are greatly appreciated! thanks!

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2 Responses to “20 days to lose love handles and inner thigh fat? or atleast lose some of it?”

  1. Sanura said :

    don’t do anything drastic. you are already a healthy weight, in fact probably quite thin. unfortunately you can’t spot train, but make sure you are doing some ab exercises, and cut out sugary or fatty foods.

  2. Mushu said :

    I advise following:

    Answer following: 1.- Do you want to have a hard, lean body? Or 2.- Do you want to be skinny with wobbly bits here and there (and see them grow into respectable (and frightening) love handles as time passes by)?

    I know a girl: 5’5 – 140 lbs – size 2.
    I know another girl who is 5’5 – 140 lbs – size 9
    The difference: one is overweight and doesn’t exercise; the other one is a girl who exercises.

    There is no fast, easy, miraculous way to lose weight. And whoever tells you otherwise, is lying.

    It’s about the right time to start getting healthy habits (if you don’t acquire them at a young age, chances are you won’t be missing them later). I, for one, would start running. It doesn’t cost money and you will burn fat.

    Maybe you also want to know that you don’t want to lose muscle (which is a lot heavier than fat, but compact and, therefore, makes your body look lean and hard). You want to lose fat.

    In order to lose 1lbs of fat, you have to burn 3500 calories. If you diet with no exercise, you will not only lose fat, but also muscle. Muscle, on the other hand, is what makes your metabolism fast. So, if you lose muscle, you slow down your metabolism. When you gain weight (and, believe me, you will gain weight) you will gain more fat than muscle (which you would only gain if you exercise).

    The best thing to do, at your young age, is resistance training. Check following links: Remember: YOU WON’T BULK UP (like guys do) BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE a guy’s level of TESTOSTERONE (masculine hormone)!!!

    BTW, EXERCISE CONTROLS YOUR HUNGER. You should also eat 6 small meals a day; one every 2.5 (maximum 3) hrs.!!! This will control your sugar levels, therefore, you won’t be binging!!!

    It is very important that you understand: it’s not about starving your body! Your body NEEDS food, but good-quality-food! Good-quality-food it’s important for your muscles!!! If you don’t have a balanced diet and you over-exercise, you will lose precious fat-burning muscle!!!! You can check a healthy nutritious diet @!!!

    Remember, you should exercise at least 1 hr/day, 5 days/week, and rest 2 full days so your muscles can recover and grow. Use 3 days to work on your muscles and 2 for cardio. Always let 1 day between your muscle’s workout.

    Another tip: DON’T weigh yourself. You should never trust a scale, if you want to lose fat, but not muscle (your fat burning machine). Instead, keep track of how your pants fit, and measure your weigh loss by how smaller you’re getting according to the sizes you’re leaving behind!

    If you have money, I would invest it on 2 workout programs:
    1.- P90X
    2. Chalean Extreme

    Both amazing, believe me!!! And if you do them consistently, you’ll look great!!! My daughter is almost as ripped as she wants to be. (I still have a lot to do, but the point is: GREAT!)


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